Ground floor

The Sober Facts About Nuclear War -- demolishing some myths intended to cow you into surrender.
Solzhenitsyn on the Freeze
California Medical Assn. on nuclear war preparedness
Where do the admirals stand?
INF Treaty: Soviet Legerdemain, by Y.J. Lubkin
How to deal with Aircraft Hijackers, by W. Vandersteel
If you had a fire in your house, by Dr A.B. Robinson
The Japanese A-Bomb
The Soviet Disinformation Laser, By Lt.Col. S.P. Worden
Letters on Defense, by Freeman 78753PHIL
War in Europe: Thinking the Unthinkable, by Mark Helprin
Constitutionality of Nixon ABM Treaties (debate)
Bush's Headache, by R. Evans and R. Novak
Misperceptions of National Defense, by Adm. P.J. Aurand
Hypnotist Gorbachev conjures an arms reduction, by M.Helprin
Too many women in military, by C. Reese (1/26/89)
Defenseless cowards, by Tom Bethell (2/13/89)
Tower and the MADmen, WSJ editorial (2/21/89)
Unreason, by Hank Philips (1/25/89)
REASON publisher replies to H.Philips, by Bob Poole (2/17/89)
Happy to oblige, reply to R. Poole by H. Philips (2/22/89)
Defense dynamics, by B.Gaede (Freeman 07656GAED) (4/6/89)
The right to bear arms? by Freeman 94112GARR (4/22/89)
The Weapons of Hell (NYT) (5/23/89)
Chemical and Biological Warfare, by J. Orient, M.D. (8/9/89)
Military unseriousness today, by A. Codevilla (12/14/89)

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