Ground floor

The "Global 2000" Juggernaut
UFO's! UFO's!
Food Irradiation (I)
Nuclear Winter and Other Myths, by E.G. Zutell
Thanksgiving Dinner Menu by Amer. Cncl. on Science & Health
Let's tell the truth about pesticides, by Prof. J.G. Edwards
Commencement Speech 1988 by Prof. G.E.Andrews
The Irrationality of Pi, reply to a reader
Radiation Hormesis after 85 years by Marshall Brucer, M.D.
How toxic is Sen. Scranton's body?
Who Speaks for Science? By Dixy Lee Ray
Ozone generates much heat, litte light, by S.Fred Singer
Food Irradiation (II), by A.S. Truswell
Some naturally occurring carcinogens, by Oleg Panczenko
Chemists: Turn Leaden Prose into Gold, by P.J. Wingate
Animal Experiments, by Ann Landers
The new bogeyman, by Oleg Panczenko
Overestimating the Radon Danger (New York Times)
Bomb-propelled Space Ships, by F. Dyson
We are alone in our Galaxy, by F.J. Tipler
CO2 - An alternative view, by S.B. Idso
Mindless machines, by H.& S. Dreyfus
Triage: the case of AIDS, by Dr E.S. Berger
Pseudo-Scientific Hot Air, by A.R. Solow
AIDS and the "innocent" virus by Peter Duesberg
Greenhouse Hokum, by R.J. Long
AIDS and the "innocent" virus by Peter Duesberg
The AIDS controversy: two Freemen doctors argue (2/16/90)
The AIDS controversy: comments by others (2/17/89)
How Gen.Engrg. Got a Bad Name, by D.L. Ritter (2/27/89)
Climate of Fear, by J.R. Laing (Barron's) (2/28/89)
Doubts about CFC substitutes, by A.K.Naj (WSJ) (3/7/89)
Apple dangers ar just so much applesauce, by E.M. Whelan (WSJ) (3/15/89)
Ozone Chicken Littles, by R.W. Pease (WSJ) (3/26/89)
The Greenhouse Constituency, by Sysop (Chief Exec.) (3/30/89) (4/23/89)
R(Human) = R(Rodent) (WSJ editorial) (4/10/89)
AIDS: Letter to AMERICAN SPECTATOR, by J. Orient, M.D. (Freeman 85716ORIE)
Animals and sickness (WSJ editorial) (4/24/89)
The Sun in the "Greenhouse" by A.Arking, (5/24/89)
Lift Ban on Cyclamates, by M.Gladwell, (5/24/89)
Danger, Natural Pesticides, by B. Ames (5/24/89)
Food Irradiation, Health & Welf. Canada, (7/20/89)
Clean air, dioxin, & other panics, By G.& N.Sirkin (7/24/89)
Beware of EPA's radon standards, by Brooke (8/11/89)
Lindzen critical of warming prediction, (10/17/89)
Has the globe really warmed? (Tech. Rev.) (11/21/89)
Is science or private gain driving ozone policy? by G. Melloan (WSJ) (12/17/89)
Jimmy Bush's Coast-to-Coast Clean Air Catastrophe, By W.T. Brookes (1/7/1989)
Volcanic introduction of Chlorine into the stratosphere (Van Nostrand's Scientif. Encyclopedia) (1/14/90)
Effect on CAFE on automobile safety, W. Crandall & J.D. Graham (2/2/90)
Answers on acid rain fall on deaf ears, F.S. Singer (3/7/90)

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