Ground floor

Hold your nose
Do not vomit on your keyboard

Fifteen Qestions on the Nuclear Freeze
Nuking your town -- the latest gimmick in trying to cow you into surrender: Rebuttal arguments
Meeting in Minneapolis
A new patron for Greenpeace
The IEEE rewards a Stalinista stooge
Fee Speech: Congre$$ional Payola
The University Library: Tool for ideological Control
Interntl. Phys. for Prev. Nucl. War, by J. Orient, M.D.
The Illiberal Academy, by Natalie and Gerald Sirkin
The Radicalized Univesities, by Natalie and Gerald Sirkin
Western Culture's Got to Go," by Natalie and Gerald Sirkin
Washington's Moral Bully, by Pat J. Buchanan
Hollow Halls of Academe, by Thomas Sowell

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