Ground floor

Newspapers, Radio, TV and Mass Media in General

Smearing Teller: slime from the New York Slimes
The AP Mire Service quotes the FBI
The Cleveland Quacks
The Charlatans from Uelze
Don & Nancy: Creating a story to cover up one, by Paul Craig Roberts.
Folk Truths: How the media use them to lie, by H.P. Metzger
Totalitarian Sympathizers
Scoundrel Time, by Sidney Hook
The Military-Industrial Complex, by Admiral Pete Aurand
Israel, the mass media, and the State Dept. Human Rights Report, by Rep. T. Lantos in House of Rep. (3/15/89)
One reality, two "truths," assembled by O. Panczenko, (Freeman 10602PANC) (5/10/89) from Media Watch by O. Panczenko (10602PANC) (5/20/89)
"Non-Political" philantropy of the New York Times, condensed
"Biggest destruction since Hiroshima," by J.Hilton (7/1/89)
"Rightist Newsletter Shakes Up TV," (NY Post), (8/29/89)
"Cont.mythology about acid rain," (Hum.Events), (8/31/89)
"Prof. Bruce Ames rebuts CBS" (Priorities) (10/3/89)
"How a PR firm executed the Alar scare" (WSJ) (10/3/89)
"Journalists and others for saving the planet" (WSJ) (10/7/89)
"The Emperor's New Clothes" by Hugh Elsaesser (10/8/89)
"Environment is '90s ad buzzword," by Paul Tharp (12/6/89)
"How to compete in newspapers: suppress competition," by M. Kinsley (12/13/89)
"Media's typical homeless are anything but", by R. Lichter (12/15/89)
"Reply to A.V. Nero," by Sysop (1/23/90)
"Animals for Animals," Animals' Voice, (2/19/90)

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