Ground floor

For goodies that don't fit anywhere else

Government-Kenneled Children, by Larry Gabbert
How government forces you into illegality, by P. Metzger
Freeman runs for Office, by D. Solan
Answer to a panhandler, by H.P. Metzger
Emphatically yes!, by Sysop
Profit without honor by Thomas Sowell
Disgusting Notes from Higher Education, by Prof. H.Hayden
Look, just don't interrupt! by J.W. Beattie
The different forms of government, by J.Galt
Chances vs. guarantees, by Thomas Sowell
Play, by definition, suspends the rules, by K.C. Cole
Hanged without a trial, by J. Nocera
Too much turbulence over deregulation, by Thomas Sowell
Hirohito's death causes software problems, by P. Sahgal
Why you can't take an AIDS test in your home, by E.J. Millenson
Three Pi Curios
Some waste cleanup rules are a waste of resources, by J.
Network Humor Nixed, from Campus Report (3/9/89)
What army of homeless? By G. & N Sirkin (4/2/89)
Abortion, by Michael Levin (8/26/89)
Bush Clean Air Program full of risks to economy (9/18/89)
A Letter on Conservatism, by 06856SOLA (9/28/89)
Hey you SOB! Can you spare $500? by 07656GAED (2/10/89)
Back to Silver and Gold, by W. Vandersteel (10/5/89)
Bowel Cancer, by T.A.Dorman, M.D., (93401DORM) (10/30/89)
Cholesterol, by T.A.Dorman, M.D., (93401DORM) (10/30/89)
Allegiance, by T.A.Dorman, M.D., (93401DORM) (10/30/89)
Hypertension, by T.A.Dorman, M.D., (93401DORM) (11/01/89)
Will Corp.America copy Canada's calamity? H. Sennholz (12/02/89)
The Handicap of a misguided conscience, by T.A.Dorman, M.D., (93401DORM) (12/08/89)
Back Pains, by T.A.Dorman, M.D., (93401DORM) (12/08/89)
Chipping away at the Chip Market, by Z. Barazotto (45385BARA) (01/0-4/90)
Animal Rights, by B.Gaede (07656GAED) (1/5/90)
Health care rationing through inconvenience, by G.W. Grumet, M.D. (1/5/90)
Deep ocean: the safest dump, by C. Osterberg (2/3/90)
Dirty-car tuneups beat oxy-fuels, D.H. Stedman (2/6/90)
Cost Corner, by T.A. Dorman, M.D. (Freeman 93401) (2/25/90)

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