Ground floor

"Peace! Arms Control! Disarmament!" By Adolf Hitler
I give you my word: there will be no great armaments.
Do not irritate them!
Le soulagement (Relief)
Samuel McCracken: The Lesson of History
Sound familiar?
You can live with them
The true champions of peace, by Prof. J.R. Silber
Three articles from a peace treaty
War is Not This Century's Biggest Killer by Prof. J.R. Rummel
The Heartless Lovers of Humankind, by P. Johnson
Chamberlain's Perspective Lives On, by S. Cropsey
On Charter 77, by Roger Scruton
Soviets murder truth in Katyn massacre, by Z.M. Rurarz
Forced repatriation to the Soviet Union, by N. Tolstoy
Le quatorze juillet (7/4/89)
The shape of events (Our Revolution) by O.Scott (11/20/89)
A 50-year-old lesson (WSJ) (12/8/89)
The triumph of statism: [...] French Revolution, by R.M.Ebeling (12/8/89)

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