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                             by Sysop                      (12/3/89)

     After publishing a fairly good review of what I thought was a 
fairly good book, Barbara Branden's "The Passion of Ayn Rand," I was 
as good as excommunicated from what I had not realized until then was 
a Church: the Church of the Conception that Ayn Rand's Person and 
Character were Immaculate, and that anyone mentioning her personal 
shortcomings is a despicable heretic. Head of the Church is Pope 
Peikoff, but the following concerns Bishop Schwartz, who is in charge
of religious rites at the Diocese of the Intellectual Activist.

     ACCESS TO ENERGY and the INTELLECTUAL ACTIVIST had an agreement 
to exchange mailing lists for their advertising. The IA had used my 
list three times and it was my turn to get their mailing list 
at the time of the excommunication (1987). In August 1989 I reminded 
Schwartz of this. His reply and the rest of the correspondence 



                                             9 September 1989
Dear Dr. Beckmann:
    We do owe you for having used your mailing list in 1987. Why don't 
you send me a bill for what would be a reasonable price for the rental
of your mailing list, and I will pay for it.
    (Signed) Peter Schwartz


                                              20 September 1989

Dear Mr. Schwartz:
       Thank you for your letter of 9/13, but we struck a deal
on an exchange, not a sale for money, and you cannot now change 
it retroactively and on your own.        
       I want only what you ou owe me: a mailing of my advertisement 
(almost exactly the same as before, with quite insignificant 
changes), mailed to your printer in Chicago or wherever he is 
if you have changed printers, and enclosed with the INTELLECTUAL 
ACTIVIST, everything the same as on the previous two occasions.
       You can either keep your word, or you will have to live 
with the knowledge that you broke it. But you cannot unilaterally 
buy yourself out with money.
     Petr Beckmann


FROM P.SCHWARTZ TO P.BECKMANN:   2 1/2 months' silence


                                            7 November 1989
Dear Mr. Schwartz:
     I have received no reply to my letter of 20 September -- no 
less than 12 weeks now.
     Is it that difficult to own up that you broke your word and 
perhaps give an explanation why you broke it?
     Please reply by November 20. Or do you wish to add stonewalling 
to your conduct in this matter?
     Petr Beckmann


FROM P.SCWARTZ TO P.BECKMANN:  Stonewalling to this 3rd day of
December 1989.

[1/20/90] ... which would no doubt have continued forever, but somebody
must have told the Bishop that his correspondence is running where
people can read it, for on 1/2/90 I received the following episcopal

                                                     December 26, 1989
Dear Dr. Beckmann:
    TIA's subscribers are not available to you [I never asked for
them, P.B.]. Our agreement to exchange mailings was based on congruity
of values between us [a lie, P.B.]; that condition no longer exists.
In addition, the perverse pleasure you seem to be seeking by
extracting a confession of guilt from me -- guilt for not abiding by
an agreement to maintain an intellectual relationship that you severed
[a second lie, P.B.] -- has caused me to lose what shred of respect
for you I still had. Please consider my prior offer of monetary
payment rescinded.
    Peter Schwartz.


    I know that many Freemen are sympathetic to Ayn Rand's philosophy
(as am I); they may therefore be interested in the extent to which the
highfalutin' morality preached in the sermons by the reigning Bishop
at the IA Diocese are sincere and serious.

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