]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]       ABORTION AND THE LAW         [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
            By Roy Beatty (Freeman 19063BEAT, 302-774-0335)

I have enjoyed the abortion discussion here so far.  I am curious,
though, to explore what Freemen can agree on.  Regardless of our
feelings concerning the right of a woman to terminate a pregnancy, or
of a human zygote to be brought to term, perhaps we Freemen concur on
some points:

 1) That there are limits as to passing a law can actually accomplish.
 2) That passing a law does not necessarily lift anyone's moral stan-
    dards.  As some old Roman put it, "Holding a man upright does not
    make him so."
 3) That forcing pro-life adherents (or the undecided) to pay for
    others' abortions via taxation is repugnant to all Freemen.
 4) That the details of abortion prohibition enforcement might
    penalize those women who would never do it anyway.  The nightmare
    comes to mind of the state requiring monthly urinalysis of all
    menstruating women and the registration of the results.
 5) That technology may someday render this discussion moot either
    by  safe methods of fetus preservation or by reversible and
    reliable contraception.
I hope we can also agree that the system of forced "family planning"
in China is inhumane.  In fact, I would be willing to drive to
Washington to participate in an "Operation Rescue"-style protest at
the Chinese Embassy.  The number of abortions in this country is
probably dwarfed by the number of actual *infanticides* in China.
    Fellow Freemen (and, of course women) where can we agree?

                       *   *   *

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