]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]          MORE ON ABORTION           [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
               By Brant Gaede (Freeman 07656GAED)          (9/2/1989)

   I have read Michael Levin's article against abortion in the Knick-
Knack Shed (Floor 20).  My argument for abortion (this tower, floor
20) is a third argument which recognizes a fetus is a human life and
Mr. Levin doesn't addres it.
   It is not murder to abort a human life which has no rights, but
when it comes to abortion we are talking about something that usually
happens early in a pregnancy, for late pregnancy abortions are very
dangerous to the Mother.
  I know my positon reads brutal and cold for it is easier to under-
stand the consequences to the aborted than to the Mother condemned
to be unwilling breeding stock.  Eventually, most of the abortion
controversy will end, not when most people line up on one side of
this issue, but when technology creates artificial wombs.  Then un-
wanted Motherhood will be aborted, not the unborn child killed.  Of
course, the Catholic Church will probably be against this too, but
not effectively so.
   In the meantime, in France abortion is (was?) available through a
pill.  The anti-abortionists have kept it out of this country.  If a
woman doesn't want to undergo a surgical procedure (it may be
statistically dangerous), say in the future when an artificial womb
is available, she'll still have the right to an abortion with a pill
or whatever.
  Let those against abortion stand up as I have done and really
state their philosophical, social/cultural, religious context.  I
submit that most though not all have a hidden agenda and their con-
cern for the unborn is no more real than their concern for the born--
i.e., millions of children living in poverty in Latin and Central
America, their poverty stricken parents trying to raise 5, 7, 9  or
even more souls with no or little chance for happiness.

                       *   *   *

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