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                             Two opinions
                                                      (8/24 & 27/1989)

                                                       August 22, 1989
Dear Dr Beckmann:

    Your suggestion that an appropriate response to Col. Higgins' kid-
napping would be a gift of a bomber to Israel coincides with sugges-
tions I have been making without response to the President and my
Senator. If, every day a US citizen was held hostage, a C5A full of
arms was delivered to Israel, the price of twisting our tail would go
up immensely. Such a response, to reward the enemy of your enemy when
you cannot directly punish your enemy, is so obvious that I cannot see
why it has not, except for your mention, made it to any forum of which
I am aware.
     It might even make an interesting special issue to barnstorm all
the various non-military options available to render terrorism unpro-
fitable and to deny veto power over our foreign policy (whatever it
is) to other countries. I was ashamed when we let Red China dictate
our policy toward Nationalist China, and mortified when it became
obvious that OPEC has veto power over our Middle East policy.
     If we can mount our heaviest economic cannon for a Principal in
South Africa, why not when we are directly attacked?


     4074 Fabian Street
     Palo Alto, CA 94303

     (415) 855-9124

                                                 27 August 1989

Dear Dr Beckmann:

In the September AtE's editorial you suggest that

   ``Bush could  have replied  to the  criminals' blackmail by
   demanding  Higgins' immediate  release  on pain  of  the US
   donating a bomber to Israel inscribed with Higgins' name''.
   (Editorial, p. 1:1).

To me this looks  too much like us paying  Israel to do our dirty
work for us.  What  did Israel do in  1976 when ninety-one of its
nationals were held  hostage aboard a  hijacked plane in Entebbe,
Uganda?  Did it ask the United States to rescue its people? (As a
country as small as Israel could have done without any reason for
shame.)  No,  Israel rolled  up her  sleeves and  sent a  team of
airborne commandos to  the rescue.  Why  can't the greatest power
on Earth show  a fraction of  the manly courage  and resolve that
this small country showed?
You may  argue that  by its actions  the United  States has shown
itself to  be a dwarf  and that Israel  has shown itself  to be a
giant; that  Israel can at  least do what  it sets out  to do (as
compared to  America's failure to  rescue its  hostages in Iran).
But a fundamental purpose of  government is the protection of its
people.   Government which  cannot  protect its  citizens  is one
thing; Government  which WILL NOT  protect its  citizens has lost
its legitimacy. Lastly, a great  power which buys other's courage
will only purchase other's contempt.
The  `liberals'  in  Congress   and  the  Press  are  effeminate,
spineless cowards who  fervently wallow in  filth before anything
that  calls itself  `progressive' and  call themselves  brave for
doing so.  So long as Israel does the coward's hard work they can
claim that they are heroes.
  OP (Freeman 10602PANC)

Sysop's reply:
   No, I do NOT want Israel or any other country to do the US' dirty
work; I want to use a REAL deterrent. Retaliation, even in the rare
cases when it hits the guilty and not the innocent ones, only makes
martyrs. The ridicule of having cooperated in strengthening your
deadliest enemy is what really deters.

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