]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]        DISCREDITING THE RIGHT         [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
Dear Dr Beckmann:
     Do you know this field [of the enclosure] well enough to be able to 
decide whether the article is reliable?
     Sherman, Conn.

Enclosure: [Article printed in unidentified journal, ending with note 
"This article was submitted by Americans for Sane Policies, Nashville, 
TITLE: "Unheeded Warning"
AUTHOR: "Alyn H. Denham"
CONTENTS:  Purported Soviet discovery of "Time-Reversed Electromagnetic 
Waves" by means of which a Soviet weapon can destroy targets at a 
distance, allegedly multiplying the "energy force" [??? ain't no such 
thing] 1,339 times every 2,833 kilometres. All kinds of information when 
these "Time Reversed Waves (TRW)" was discovered, how the Soviets use it, 
how Washington knows about it, but does not do anything about it, is 
intimidated by it, etc. 

                          *       *       *

Dear Mrs. S.:

     Yes, this is the field in which I spent most of my scientific career 
(electromagnetics), and the entire business is hair-raising nonsense as can 
be seen that Mr. or Miss Denham gives not one shred of evidencem nor one 
single line of documentation.
     The "TRW" fable can be traced to one Col. Tom Bearden, and I have 
written about it in AtE [Feb.88]. He concocts seemingly scientific 
expressions like "scalar force" (a contradiction in terms) or uses genuine 
scientific terms like "reverse solution of the wave equation" in a totally 
different context than they usually denote, giving no explanation of what 
he means by them, nor ever quoting any scientific or experimental evidence 
for them. He also often uses something that he has never defined or 
explained, let alone documented, called the "Tesla" factor. All of this 
quasi-scientific palaver is clearly intended to impress and intimidate 
laymen. It is virtually certain that there is nothing behind these fables, 
and if there is, Bearden keeps it strictly to himself.
     Bearden's fables and concoctions are published by RIGHT WING 
newsletters such as the Committee to Restore the Constitution in Fort 
Collins, the Committee for Sane Policies mentioned above, another 
newsletter called "Youth....." [??? have forgotten the title], and apart 
from these frothy publications there is a number of genuine and sincere 
right-wing journals that have been taken in by Bearden's baloney.
     Just as Sternglass very fortunately discredits the antinukes with his 
hoaxes (even so, far more sophisticated than Bearden's) so Bearden 
discredits the Right. Whether he does so intentionally, I cannot say, but 
he certainly does it very effectively. If the "TRW" is recognized for the 
garbage it is, then GENUINE Soviet threats (biological warfare, directed 
energy, Soviet SDI and Satellite killers, etc., etc.) will be regarded as a 
hoax, too.
     I was shocked to see that this charlatan gave a paper to the Tesla 
Society in Colorado Springs under the auspices of the IEEE, a genuine and 
respected professional organization. There is, however, no mechanism that I 
know of to filter out such people, and the Tesla Society as a whole is not 
widely respected.
     Please do not fall for this man's fables. When asked for sources, he 
probably say that he cannot disclose them, lives are are at risk. When 
asked about what the reverse solution of the wave equation is, he will 
probably say a layman cannot understand it.
     Yet there is pretty good evidence from Sverdlovsk and elsewhere that 
the Soviets ARE engaged in biological warfare, as there is for the other 
GENUINE threats. And as for explaining what the reverse solution means, I 
will probably do it FOR LAYMEN in AtE sooner or later, just to show this 
quack up.


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