]]]]]]]]]]]     WHAT MAKES A FREEMAN A FREE MAN?     [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ 
                           By Brant Gaede,                  (8/16/88)
                           Park Ridge, N.J.

07656GAED, 8/7/1988, 01:41  [This is the Machine Room's stamp, P.B.]

Dear Freemen (and women):
     I would like to know what is it that makes a Freeman a free man.
There aren't many of us, even though this is the United States, but if
we could put it into words perhaps we could communicate it to others.
I'll be sending in my own personal answer to Ft. Freedom and I hope
you will, too.
    This shouldn't be considered an essay contest.  Even something
that you might think sounds somewhat dumb to others might have valuable
information, and information is what's important.  Since the primary
tool will probably be introspection instead of objective reasoning,
it's to your advantage to try to answer this question before reading
others' answers.  That way whatever you initially say will be yours.
Then read the others.  Then later, you may think of something else to
add.  The ultimate purpose might be to objectify this, but that's up
to you.
  And of course, a free man may have something better to do with his
     Brant Gaede

                            *   *   *
 Dear Mr Gaede:
      I think that's a great idea. Only I don't have any place to
collect Freemen's answers so I will put them right under this letter,
even if others CAN then read it before writing themselves -- OK?
     Cordially, P.B.
                            *   *   *

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