[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[      RESPONSES TO FORT FREEDOM      ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 
63131SEGE, 30/7/1988, 21:55
     I run a public (no fee) BBS at (314)821-2815, 3/12/2400 baud.
Could I put your files on line for others to read if I mentioned the
source and a short AD?  Ken Seger

     By all means! Yours is a very wonderful BBS and I highly recommend 
it to Freemen. You have meanwhile downloaded most of Fort Freedom's
files, and freemen closer to St.Louis, Mo., may find the telephone
charges somewhat lower.    P.B.
     (Added 9/9/88:) And thank you for granting special privileges for AtE
Freemen!         P.B.
                               *   *   *

08054BRAN, 1/8/1988, 17:07
Dear Dr.PB:
     By golly, the damn thing works like a champ!  The wonders of man
and his mind!  And yours, sir.
     Thanks, Phil & 73

Dear Freeman 08054BRAN:
     I blush. I could have used a commercial BBS (as Ken Seger, above,
has), but that would not have allowed me enough latitude with the
Court of Justice, the Tower Twerps, and other assorted toys. Nevertheless,
unlike other people, I enjoy flattery.  P.B.

                         *   *   *

22205HICK, 2/8/1988, 16:33
     Welcome back Fort Freedom! This is the happiest I've been since
CBS fired Jimmy the Greek.

     And welcome YOU back, Freeman 22205HICK!  P.B.

                         *   *   *

8/25/1988, 10:24
From: 22123VENC
I've been trying to get a complete version of Kipling's Gods of The
Copybook Headings since I heard excerpts at a seminar a few years
back. I should have known I'd find it here eventually. Thanks for
everything and keep up the fight! J.L. Vencill

                         *   *   *

Date: 10/1/1988, 09:43 hours
From: 08902MULL
Mr Beckmann, at the opening message there is a list of new articles
followed by a letter.  Once leaving that screen, however, I can't find
the way to reach those letters.  What is the secret?
       Harry Mullin
[Sysio's reply: The letters stand for towers, e.g. H for Historical
archives. The only way to reach them is freom the Courtyard. To go
back to the list of recent additions (which is always followed by the
Courtyard), type R at the exit of any floor.]

                       *   *   *

Date: 10/20/1988, 12:07 hours
From: 80112DAVI
Dr. Beckmann:
    This is my first tour of Fort Freedom. I love it! Thanks for the
construction project.
    Michael Davison

                       *   *   *

Fort Freedom contacted from Australia:

Date: 11/18/1988, 05:12 hours
Just to let you know I have succeeded calling from Australia.  Thanx
for your letter - I know U must be very busy. I'll now logoff & read
what I captured.
                       *    *    *

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