]]]]]]]]]]]]]]     CHINESE TOTALITARIANISM'S APOLOGIST    [[[[[[[[[[
                   By Brant Gaede (Freeman 07656GAED)    (6/27/1989)

Letters to the Editor
The New York Times
229 West 43d St.
New York, NY  10036

To the Editor:

   Chi-Chen Wang's Op Ed piece of June 24 is a celebration of totali-
tarian apologia by its sheer perfection.
   He states, "All rebellions that fail or revolutions that succeed
are instigated by a handful of men who seek power so that they can
impose on the majority their particular brand of tyranny."
   The American Revolution?
   If so, Mr. Chi-Chen knows nothing of liberty much less how to
differentiate liberty from tyranny; liberty doesn't exist.  Then what
does he know or care of human beings "yearning to breathe free?"
   He places his supreme value on stability and "effective govern-
ment."  Then why should we condemn Hitler, Mao, Stalin?  Not because
they murdered 100,000,000 people.  If people have no rights what's
necessarily wrong with murder?  In fact, it's no longer murder--just
   All the Chinese leaders had to do was wait for the students to get
tired of it all and go home.  Instead they've turned China back into
an Orwellian nightmare.
   But the last laugh will be on them and Mr. Chi-Chen.  The
Communists are going to lose, absolutely.  Liberty in China has been
vaccinated from totalitarianism by Tiananmen Square.

                                       Brant Gaede

                         *      *      *

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