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                 By Hank Phillips (Freeman 78753PHIL)       (1/25/89)
                   [Kindly uploaded by the author]

                   "'But wait a bit,' the Oysters cried,
                         'Before we have our chat;
                     For some of us are out of breath,
                          And all of us are fat!'
                      'No hurry!' said the Carpenter.
                     They thanked him much for that."
                                     --Through the Looking-Glass

    REASON magazine advertisers and subscribers may have noticed the
"review" of Codevilla's "While Others Build" in the Feb '89 issue. The
reviewer, CATO Institute's Ted Galen Carpenter, denies morally
equivocating the US and the  Soviet Empire.  Indeed, he concludes that
"...the United States, not the  Soviet Union, would be more likely to
launch a first strike."  Here are  some other tidbits "wrenched out of
context" from Carpenter's Cato  Institute Policy Analysis #74, June
24, 1986:

     "The struggle in Mozambique is one in which Washington would be well
advised to adopt a policy of discreet neutrality." p. 16

     "The same cautions apply to Angola as to Mozambique, but the direction
of US policy suggests that the warning signals for Angola are being
ignored." p. 23

     "US officials must consider the serious possibility that aiding the
rebel cause may serve simply to impose another rightist dictatorship on
Nicaragua." p. 19

     "Moreover, American interference [in Cambodia], even if successful,
might only replace a repressive puppet government with an even worse regime
--the Khmer Rouge." p. 27

     "Any more in that direction would involve the United States to an
alarming degree in the volatile politics of Afghanistan and the intractable
religious quarrels of the region." p. 23

     "In most instances, it is not in the best interest of the United
States to assist or even endorse foreign insurgencies." p. 28

     It is interesting to note that Jack Wheeler, Reason's competent
behind-the-scenes reporter on these conflicts, is named in the report's
footnotes no fewer than fifteen times.

     I am indebted to Suzanne Crow of the Committee on The Present Danger -
-a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization of citizens devoted to
the Peace, Security and Liberty of the Nation,  905 Sixteenth St NW,
Washington, DC 20006 -- for helping me uncover this info, and to Lewis
Carroll, for making it fun, but not to REASON, for pandering to the pansy
                     "'O Oysters,' said the Carpenter,
                        you've had a pleasant run!
                     Shall we be trotting home again?'
                       But answer came there none--"

                          -   -   -   -   -   -

[Sysop's Note: I was not sure where to put this fine piece. Put it in 
the Chamber of Horrors and equate REASON, by and large a fine 
publication "for free minds and free markets," with THE NEW YORK 
SLIMES, NEWSPEAK and the other professional disinformers? But then I 
said, yes, that's where it belongs. At least SLIME and NEWSPEAK have 
the great virtue of not claiming to promote free minds and markets 
and are by now known to all but retarded infants as parts of the 
Great American Brainwash Machine. REASON is not, and that makes it all 
the more important to watch it -- especially when it gives its pages 
to the "non-interventionists"' (a code word for appeaser) of the Cato 

ADDENDUM 2/17/89: A reply to Hank Philips by REASON publisher Bob 
Poole appears on the next floor! What with the AIDS controversy on 
Science Lab floor 29 and the debate here, who can say FF is boring?]

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