]]]]]]]]]]]]         WHERE DO THE ADMIRALS STAND?        [[[[[[[[[[[[[ 
     Radio Moscow and the IPS have made much of the "Peace Generals" 
and other creatures creeping from the "Center for Defense Informa-
tion," a foundation-funded institute towing the Soviet-subservient 
Inst. of Policy Studies line in the defense field. That line consists 
of apologizing for, and justifying every Soviet move while condemning 
every US move. 
     These creeps go round the country abusing their standing of 
retired officers and generals to demoralize people with defeatist
theories about the futility of resisting the Soviet threat. For this,
they earn speakers' fees from the foundations and the contempt of all
but the intellectualoid misfits.
     But in June 1983, the Director of the CDI, Rear Admiral Larocque,
gave one of his "America Stinks" speeches in an unusual place: Soviet 
television. This finally outraged several hundred retired admirals to 
place a full page ad in the WASHINGTON TIMES (July 20, 1983) opposing 
Larocque's fronting for the Soviets.
     The ad was dutifully censored by the media monopoly, which is why 
you must read about it in the Armory of Fort Freedom.
     "We think it is time to let the American people know where the 
vast majority of their admirals stand: Ret. Rear Admiral Larocque's 
appearance on Soviet television is contrary to our precepts and, we 
think, injurious to the best interests of our country," they state.
     They do not dispute his First Amendment rights, but they question 
the wisdom of those who "consistently oppose every new US weapon sys-
tem, while just as consistently apologizing for for every new Soviet 
weapons deployment." 
     They question the bias of Larocque's Center for Defense Informa-
tion, a private organization, and deplore the attempts of "certain 
officers," without access to classified information, to advance -- 
under the cover of their retired rank -- their own biases for the 
reasoned conclusion of the professional active military officers who 
are briefed daily on Soviet progress in weapons development and de-
     They consider it particularly reprehensible that a retired flag 
officer, Rear Admiral Larocque, should use Soviet television to con-
demn the policies of the United States.
     "We, the undersigned, believe we are only a sample of the 
overwhelming majority of lifetime professionals who, regardless of 
individual views on specific weapons systems, would never, under any 
circumstances, permit themselves to be used as 'front men' for Soviet 
     The document is signed by some 400 or more retired admirals whose 
signatures were received by July 18. The ad was paid for by individual 
contributions which are NOT tax-deductible.
                              *   *   *

[Note added in 1988: Admiral Gene La Rocque and his stomach-turners 
continue to be extolled by PRAVDA and to supply disiinformation on 
defense to the Lefties of the Washington establishment. See M. 
Fumento, "The Center for Defense Misinformation," AMER. SPECTATOR, 
Apr. 1988.]

                              *   *   *

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