]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]     THE "GLOBAL 2000" JUGGERNAUT        [[[[[[[[[[[[[[ 
[Note added in 1988: This 1983 report has been superseded by the publication 
of THE RESOURCEFUL EARTH, ed. by Julian Simon and H. Kahn in 1984 [AtE Sept. 84].
 I have left it in as a short characterization of politically motivated 

     One of the Carter administration disasters was the official 
commissioning of the "Global 2000" report by a number of ex-scientists 
and non-scientists. Supposedly intended to describe what the world 
would be like in the year 2,000, it became a propaganda piece to 
further the real aim of the so-called environmenal movement: to keep 
the others down by stopping economic growth, the alleged culprit in 
the alleged environmental disasters threatening the world.
     The report was unscientific and worthless, suited only to scaring 
people with non-existent or unfounded dangers. But it served as a 
gathering point for the Global Tomorrrow Coalition, the central 
element in the environmentalist lobby, Washington's best funded and 
most powerful.
     An excellent report on what this coalition is now up to has 
recently been authored by Prof. Julian L. Simon of the University of 
Illinois [now at the U. of Md., P.B., 1988] -- well known to many of 
you from his outstanding book "The Ultimate Resource" (Princeton Uni-
versity Press, 1981). [That book, incidentally, should not be absent 
from any serious discussion of environmental issues in high schools or 
colleges -- make your instructor get it or ask why only one side of 
the issue is being presented.]
     Prof. Simon's 21-page report demolishes what Global 2,000 
claimed, unveils the people behind it, points to the legislation they 
are pushing, and suggests what you can do about it. That's a lot of 
meat for a 21-page report, and one of the reasons why we strongly urge 
you to get it (it's free, see below).
     But here are some of the main points:
     Global 2000 says the world in the year 2000 will be more pol-
luted, ecologically less stable, running out of resources, poorer, and 
hungrier than today. 
     Baloney, says Simon, backing up each of his refutals with 
historical curves. The atmosphere and water are less and less 
polluted; real income is increasing; and contrary to widespread myths, 
not only the world's food supply, but also per/acre yields, agricul-
tural productivity, and above all, the food production PER PERSON have 
long been rising steadily and worldwide.
     The member organizations of the Coalition have on their boards a 
WHO's WHO of influential figures in business, law, foundations, and 
especially the media (brief list supplied). Their funds, granted 
mainly by the foundations, are in the tens, if not in the hundreds, of 
millions. Typical of these member organizations is the National Re-
sources Defense Council with no less than 23 attorneys, 15 "resource 
specialists," and 63 other full-time obstructionists; and there are 48 
other such organizations. The number of registered "environmental" 
lobbyists in Washington has now grown to 80 [these were the 1983 
figures -- still quite small, P.B., 1988].
     The Population Action Council has used almost $900,000 to back 70 
candidates in the 1982 elections; they briefed 94% of the 1980 con-
gressional freshmen within the first few weeks of their victories; 
they send their monthly POPLINE to over 18,000 policy leaders, local 
activists, and editors in the US and abroad.
     Much of the activity of these no-growthers is government (i.e. 
taxpayer) financed; they have too much political clout to let anyone 
cut these items from the government budget. 
     Simon's report also gives details of legislation pushed by the 
Globaloney lobbyists, and some steps that YOU can take to oppose it.

                         *  *  *
     The 1983 Heritage Foundation THE "GLOBAL 2000" JUGGERNAUT by 
Julian L. Simon, Institution Analysis no. 24, to which the above 
refers, is probably out of print now (1988). But you can get very much 
better: THE RESOURCEFUL EARTH, ed. by J. Simon and H. Kahn, Blackwell, 
New York, 1984). If your library does not have it, make them get it!

                         *  *  *

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