]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]    WHAT MOTIVATES THE ANTINUKES?   [[[[[[[[[[[[[ 
"Let's face it, we don't want safe plants -- we want the ones 
being planned to be blocked and the ones operating shut down." 
                                                    Robert Hager
                                 Karen Silkwood's Defense Lawyer"

"Thanks to intervenors, nuclear is safer, also much more expen-
sive!"                                               Bill Jordan,
                                   People Against Nuclear Energy

"Electricity demand forecasting can be used as an effective 
roadblock to nuclear power."                         Ruth Kaplan
                                   Union of Concerned Scientists
[The three quotations above are from STATUS UPDATE, vol.5, no.2,
2 April 1983, Scientists & Engrs for Secure Energy, New York]

"[The antinukes] would succeed in stopping nuclear power through 
harassment tactics that would delay nuclear plants, escalate 
their costs and make them uneconomical to build."
                 Barry Commoner, Wall Street Journal, 2 May 1983

"The [ideal] energy will be produced and disseminated through 
small-scale technology... We simply would have got rid of most of 
the extra high voltage wires strung around the country; closed up 
the coal mines, mined oil and gas fields, taken down oil 
refineries and much of the petro-chemical establishment.''
     Institute for Policy Studies proposal for an Encyclopedia 
for Social Reconstruction (see R.J. Isaacs, "Games Antinukes 
Play," Amer. Spect., Nov. 1985 -- a fundamental article for 
pro-nuclear activists).
                         *   *   *

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