]]]]]]]]]]]]]]         A LETTER ON ASBESTOS          [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

                By Brant Gaede (Freeman 07656GAED)       (11/14/1989)

[Reading in a local newspaper how a nearby school system was getting
involved with an asbestos removal campaign, I wrote the following
letter with a copy to the Board of Education.  The next day I
hand delivered two copies of the letter and supporting material from
AtE to the Board of Education Business Manager.  Four days later I
got a telephone from a member of the Board who had received the
letter but not the supporting material.  I duplicated the material
and provided additional material from The American Spectator's Oct.
issue and sent it off to him.  I am now buying ten reprints from The
American Spectator's Oct. article on asbestos by Michael Fumento for
future use. (The American Spectator, P.O. Box 10448, Arlington, VA
22210.  $2.50 for one copy, $22.50 for ten, $50.00 for twenty-five,
$175.00 for one hundred, $750.00 for five hundred.)  Note the
importance of providing one than one person with the info.  It's much
harder for someone to sit on it, for whatever reason.]

                                            264 Vitmar Pl.
                                            Park Ridge, NJ  07656
                                            Nov. 12, 1989
James Hayden
Board of Education
Hillsdale, NJ  07642

Dear Mr. Hayden:

   I read with some interest in the Community Life of Nov. 11, l989
about asbestos removal in the Hillsdale schools, at a cost of $1.2
million.  Now that's a lot of money.  May I suggest that when 
"Management Planner" Clifford Frey of Testwell Laboratories, Inc. 
comes back with his revised plan you ask him some questions, perhaps 
of the nature of the following?

1.  What are the present concentrations of fibers per cc [of air] in 
the various schools at different locations?

2.  What will the concentrations be a month after removal?  A year?
Three years?  If more elevated, can we truly say that the asbestos 
has been actually removed? 

3.  What kind of asbestos fibers are these?  Amphibole or serpentine 
or both?  Which type is the most dangerous and why?

4.  What will the concentrations be during removal?  Will the 
children be exposed to these?

5.  Why not seal in any damaged asbestos rather than remove it?

6.  Will the children and school employees get to wear the same 
protective gear as the workers?

7.  Are any students likely to damage asbestos, releasing particles?

8.  If there are no immediate dangers to the children from asbestos,
will there be any ever if it is not removed?  If it is removed? Would 
you send your own children to Hillsdale schools during and after the 

9.  Isn't it true that the asbestos removal campaign is good politics 
but bad science and good economics only to your company or other 
companies involved in this business?

                                   Sincerely yours,

                                   Brant Gaede

                            *     *     *

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