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                      Both short and to the point!          (5/21/89)

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We Are All Living In a Radioactive World
Letter to the Editor, The New York Times, 5-18-89

To the Editor:
   I disagree with Michael Mariotte's premise (letter, May  8):   "If 
radiation were the color and texture of oil, there would be no  oper-
ating reactors, because citizens would quickly realize that radiation 
releases occur routinely, not just in accidents."
   If everyone could see and feel radiation, we might not even notice
the radioactive emissions from nuclear reactors.  These releases make 
up just a fraction of our total radiation exposure.
   According to the 1980 report by the National Academy of  Sciences' 
committee on the biological effects of ionizing radiations, each per-
son  living  within  10 miles of a  commercial  nuclear  power  plant 
receives an average of 10 millirems a year from effluent releases.
  To put that into perspective, all of us receive 50 to 200 millirems 
a  year (depending on altitude) in natural background radiation  from 
space and the earth; medical personnel in radiology or nuclear  medi-
cine receive 260 to 350 millirems a year from X-rays and gamma  rays; 
airline  passengers, 3 millirems a year from cosmic rays; pilots  and 
flight attendants, 160 millirems a year from cosmic rays; people  who 
live  in brick or masonry buildings, 7 millirems a year from  terres-
trial radionuclides (radium, uranium, thorium).
  Indeed  if  radiation were the color and texture of  oil,  everyone 
would realize that we live in a radioactive world.
                                                     Linda E. Ketchum
                                                 New York, May 8,1989

The writer is co-author of "Living with Radiation: The Risk,the Prom-
ise" (Baltimore, 1989)  


A Plea for Keeping Guns
The (Bergen County, New Jersey) Record, 5-ll-89

Editor, the Record:
   Throughout most of the free world, we proclaimed the week of April 
30 to May 5 as Holocaust Remembrance Week so that the memory of those 
martyrs who perished in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising in 1943 would  not 
be forgotten. Those gallant fighters for freedom who gave the supreme 
sacrifice  in their struggle against the Nazi forces remain an  ever-
lasting symbol in the hearts of free people everywhere.  We must make 
certain  such  things never happen again to any  minority  or  ethnic 
   To make certain that these events are not repeated,the people can-
not  ever again allow themselves to be disarmed.  We must  not  allow 
government, no matter how good its intentions, to disarm loyal,  law-
abiding citizens.  If we are disarmed, how do we, the people, prevent 
another Holocaust from happening again?
  We  should take heed from or Colonial history and the gun  policies 
in Israel and continental European nations that experienced the Holo-
caust  first  hand.   These nations  allow  fully  automatic  weapons 
(machine  guns and submachine guns), handguns and ammunition  to  all 
able-bodied  people.  Only in this way can we assure  ourselves  that 
the words, "Never again." will have true meaning.
                                                       Domenick Porco

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