]]]]]]]]]]]   A LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT OF BARD COLLEGE    [[[[[[[[[[ 
             [Authored and uploaded by Freeman 06784LOEB]

Dr. Leon Botstein, President
Bard College
NY 12504
                                                  December 22, 1988.

Dear Dr. Botstein,

     The Soviets, in their pursuit of the Germans overran Auschwitz in
January 1945. That's where I met them.  It didn't take me long to
discover that there were ominous similarities between the Russian
Soviet-Socialists and the German National-Socialists.  They, as had
the Germans, advocated the annihilation of a segment of their
population, the Bourgeoisie, and they, as had the Germans, promised
their people happiness after these "parasites" were eliminated.  I
didn't need to know more!
     Under National-Socialist totalitarian rule I lost my family
including my parents, and under Soviet-Socialist totalitarian rule I
lost my country, Czechoslovakia.  It is puzzling to me, a dedicated
anti-totalitarian, to observe Americans, blessed with freedoms they
take for granted, attending a conference at Harvard, "Anti-Communism
and American Intellectual Life", assessing anti-Communism as a
"pathology", "dementia", and "the ideology of hatred".  I agree with
columnist Don Feder, comparing these Americans to "cockroaches
gathering to protest DDT".
     To come to the point of my letter.  It is an insult to every
American to name a chair at your college in honor of Alger Hiss, a
convicted spy.  Enclosed find video-taped testimony of Hedda Massing,
Stalin's chief recruiter of American spies and Nathaniel Weil, a
communist cell-mate of Hiss(!), demonstrating that Alger Hiss lied
when he claimed he was neither a Communist nor a spy. When Liberals
like yourself still flirt with Communism, it is due to an arrested
development.  You may not have noticed, but Communism has been dead
for some time, disappearing into the garbage bin of history where it
belonged 70 years ago.  It is not the future, Dr. Botstein, it's the
     However, if you believe that an Alger Hiss Chair for social
studies is appropriate, why not find gullible sponsors for an Adolf
Hitler Chair for Jewish studies, or how about a Benedict Arnold Chair
for American History?

     Herbert Loebel
     Sherman CT 06784

     CC:    Mr.& Mrs. Gerald Sirkin, Sherman CT.
     ENCL:  Video-tape, article "The Radicalized Universities".

                                *    *    *

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