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            By AtE Reader John W. Baum, Col. USA (Ret.)      9/12/1988  
                A letter for political solicitors:
                         YOUR LETTERHEAD

Dear Friend,

     You ask for money; please read on.
     I heartily agree with your cause.  I believe I have supported you 
freely in the past and I will be happy to continue.  But first I need 
something from you.
     At the present time obstructers, using technicalities, are uncon-
scionably interfering with completion of at least 8 nuclear power 
plants.  I understand that an Executive Order lies unsigned on the 
President's desk.  I understand that this order, when signed, will 
break the bottleneck by authorizing FEMA to do what these dissenters, 
who appear unable to recognize their own or the community welfare, 
refuse: to provide competent input to evacuation plans and permit 
licensing and operation of the plants.  I think you have the Presi-
dent's ear, or know how to get it.  Ask me again for support after he 
signs the Executive Order.      
     You may wonder why I think this merits unusual attention.
     We have 100 nuclear reactors, give or take a few, now at work 
safely, quietly, cleanly, and economically.  We also have another 8,
I think it is, substantially complete and ready to produce electricity 
just as safely, quietly, cleanly, and economically as the other 100 
but, they are prevented from doing so by technicalities put in their 
way by a small group of demagogues guided only by disinformation, 
emotion and superstition. 
     These idle plants are worth something like $40 Billion (that's 
Billions as in 40,000,000,000).  The interest on that sum amounts to 
more than $4,000,000,000 per year and it's accumulating at the rate of 
$10,000,000 each and every day with no time off for holidays or vaca-
tions.  But that's not all.  These costs do not consider the stifling 
effect on the economy of less than adequate amounts of cheap power, 
the harmful effect on people and environment caused by burning coal, 
or the adverse balance of international payments by burning oil to do 
what the unused nuclear plants should be doing.  (Authorities estimate 
that emissions from coal fired plants equivalent to one nuclear power 
plant kill 74 Americans per year; starting these 8 will save ***592*** 
American lives yearly in addition to the ***7400*** already being 
saved by the operating plants).   
     These plants were conceived as required for the public good by 
competent business men, no different from those who have operated the 
electric industry for a century.  Their need was confirmed by offi-
cial, disinterested public utility regulators.  They were accepted by 
the public in open hearings.  Money was provided by honest investors.  
They were designed to high industrial standards by competent engi-
neers.  They were built according to good practice by competent tech-
nicians and labor and were inspected to assure high standards by com-
petent inspectors.  Competent operators are available to run them.  
All of this was done in good faith.  Now, in a display of unpreceden-
ted tyranny, a loud incompetent minority flaunts this democratic pro-
cedure and halts the orderly process.  They literally lie on the floor 
kicking and screaming to get their way, and refuse their input to 
evacuation plans.  And we let them.  They've had their day in court.  
Must we continue to put up with this?

                                        Sincerely yours,


                     *     *      *

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