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Commissioner IRS
US Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20220

Dear Commissioner:

     The State of New York is apparently going to try to have a Long 
Island power company (LILCO) write off $2.5 billion against its Fede-
ral taxes as partial compensation for selling its Shoreham plant to 
the State of New York for $1.
     This plant is ready to produce power for the residents of Long 
Island. It has been built to meet the latest and strictest standards 
of the NRC. Its use will lessen the dependence of the US on foreign 
     I, as a resident of New Jersey, should not have to help New York 
State absorb this political boondoggle. 
     If they want to shut down this plant, then let THEM pay for it.
     Would the IRS let me write off a perfectly good manufacturing 
plant, filled with the latest equipment, if I sold it to my brother-
In-law for $1 with the understanding that he would dismantle it, even 
if the plant were capable opf turning out marketable goods better in 
quality and cheaper than anything coming out of Japan, Korea or Ger-
many -- or any place else?
     Sincerely, B.G., [full address], Park Ridge, N.J.

[I have considerably shortened the original letter to make it more 
sure of being read. P.B.]


Governor Thomas H. Kean
State of New Jersey
Trenton, NJ 080625

Dear Governor Kean:
     Next time you run into Governor Cuomo, will you please tell him 
that taxpayers in New Jersey aren't happy about his attempts to close 
down the Shoreham nuclear plant and to make them pay the bill via $2.5 
billion federal tax write-off.
     And please tell the President, and George Bush, when he gets here 
during his upcoming campaign, that the taxpayers of New Jersey want no 
part of it.
     Thank you,
     [Address as above]


Rep. Marge Roukema   [also sent to both NJ senators)
US House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative Roukema:
     I am very upset that New York State is trying to shut down and 
decommission the perfectly good nuclear power plant at Shoreham, L.I., 
N.Y. They want to throw away a $5.3 billion expenditure plus decommis-
sioning costs plus the cost of creating and obtaining replacement 
power, which will be less safe, AND have me, as a taxpayer, absorb a 
$2.5 billion federal tax write-off.
     Please tell the IRS not to accept this monstrosity and please 
help create a sane federal policy concerning nuclear power, which our 
country desperately needs.
     Thank you,
     B.G. [address as above]

     You can download these letters and change them with a word processor so 
they do not look like copies. P.B.

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