WHEREAS in this age of nuclear energy, the people of the United 
States are endangered by nuclear war, nuclear terrorist attacks, and 
nuclear accidents;
     WHEREAS in the event of nuclear war the people are in the 
additional danger of starvation during the time before food production 
and distribution can be restored;
     WHEREAS blast and radiation shelters and food storage methods 
have been invented which can protect people from these nuclear dangers 
without evacuation;
     WHEREAS these shelters when properly constructed also confer 
protection against chemical and biological hazards of war or accident;
     WHEREAS these civil defense capabilities will strengthen the 
effectiveness of strategic defense systems which must be deployed now 
in their best present form and in advanced forms as these become 
     WHEREAS blast and radiation shelters and food reserves have been 
provided to protect the peoples of Switzerland, the U.S.S.R. and  
other countries;
     WHEREAS the United States Government was established to provide 
for the common defense of the people;
     WHEREAS at present no defensive blast and radiation shelters or 
distributed food reserves have been provided for most of the people in 
the United States; and
     WHEREAS the Department of Defense and the Department of 
Agriculture have the knowledge and resources to provide this essential 

     Now, therefore, we the undersigned do hereby petition the United 
States Government to IMMEDIATELY commence a program for the building 
of nuclear blast and radiation shelters and for the storage of at 
least one year's supply of food for every civilian and every military 
person in the United States within walking distance of their homes, 
schools, and places of work and to complete this program within 
eighteen months.


                              *   *   *

[Regardless of philosophical and religious differences, I MOST HIGHLY 
RECOMMEND the incomparable work Dr and Mrs Robinson are doing on dis-
tributing the book and newsletter FIGHTING CHANCE, which will do more 
to prevent nuclear war than all the wishful thinking on T-shirts and 
bumperstickers. Become a member of Dr Robinson's organization. Help 
distribute the Petition above and collect signatures for it; help 
their efforts to organize civil defense (see War Room of this Fort); 
write for the literature available from them; write for their video 
tapes; subscribe to their newsletter; and send a contribution. The 
address is 

                         FIGHTING CHANCE
                            Box 1279
                     Cave Junction, OR 97523.]

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