]]]]]]]]]]]]]       THE CASE OF GENERAL SINGLAUB       [[[[[[[[[[[[[[ 
     The expression "American hero" has been cheapened by shallow 
orators (such as Jimmy Wimp Reagan); but if it applies to anyone, it 
applies to General John K. Singlaub. 
     In World War II, for example, he led a mission which rescued 400 
Allied POW's from a Japanese camp on Hainan (see AtE Corr. Tower, 
floor 5). He parachuted into occupied France to help organize French 
resistance forces working behind Nazi lines. He served with distinc-
tion in Korea and Vietnam. The list of his military decorations, from 
the Distinguished Service Medal to the French Croix de Guerre, is too 
long to be given space here.
     But Singlaub has courage not only in the face of the enemy; but 
unlike many other military men, he also shows it in the face of igno-
rant and image-polishing politicians. As you may remember, when Jimmy 
Carter proposed withdrawing US troops from South Korea, their command-
er, General John Singlaub, had the audacity to speak out against it 
aloud. Whereupon Carter fired him as expected by the Supreme Commander 
of the US armed forces, The Washington Post.
    Since then, he has been helping the freedom fighters fighting 
Communism on Communist soil -- in Afghanistan, Angola, Mozambique, and 
Nicaragua. These splendid fighters for freedom, including the freedom 
of the United States, have been abandoned by the US government in
everything but oratory. Even the Afghans could have defeated the So-
viets much earlier if Neville Shultz had not dragged his feet over 
Stinger missiles (now evidently can celed again -- you don't need a
gun when the robber promises to leave soon). In Angola and Mozambique, 
the US record is even worse. And Nicara gua? At least it hasn't been 
kept out of the news, so you know.
     For all of these, Singlaub raised money to supply them with arms. 
He did so through the World Freedom Association, and did it quite 
openly: I have often relayed their appeals for funds and recommended 
their literature in AtE.
     If no one else in America appreciated the importance of Sing-
laub's work, the rabid radical Left did. Their Christic Institute in 
Washington, DC, has sued Singlaub and others for $24 million, charging 
that he conducted a massive "secret" re-supply operation for the Free-
dom Fighters. This he did indeed conduct, except that there was no-
thing secret about it. 
    The Christic Institute has a history of support for and collabora-
tion with communist governments; their PR company (yes, they have one) 
is a registered agent of a foreign government (Nicaragua's marxists). 
For more information on these stomach-turners, see the May 1988 issue 
of the AMERICAN SPECTATOR. Like the Communist guerrillas in the Phi-
lippines and the Soviet-backed Middle-East terrorist groups under Abu
Nidal, both of whom have offered rewards for Singlaub's assassination, 
the Christic Institute is employing 60 lawyers with an announced
budget of $3 million against him -- the American way of assassination.
     But they have no case against him, you say, so they can't win.
     Of course they can't, but they don't have to. The antinukes know
they can't win their barratry suits, too, but they are not interested
in winning a suit, and they don't; they are interested in ruining the
industry, and they do. The Christics are filing incessant demands for
depositions, hearings and a thousand technical motions requiring fil-
ing fees, lawyers' fees, deposition in triplicate, etc., etc. -- and
in a sense, they have already won: the General has had to drop his
work on behalf of the Nicaraguan Freedom Fighters and focus on his own 
legal defense, to which he has to devote thousands of hours and
     The hours he has to take from the freedom fighters. 
     The dollars he hasn't got.
     He has an army pension and receives modest fees for speaking 
engagements. There is no way he can defend himself against the Chris-
tic $3 million artillery barrage by himself. He could be pardoned by 
the President (as the case of Ford's pardon of Nixon shows, a presi-
dential pardon needs no formal charges, let alone a conviction); but 
Reagan is a weakling who has shown no loyalty to his friends (and does
not deserve any himself).
     That leaves only you and me to help him. Please send whatever you
can to either of the following addresses (make check payable to them):

Singlaub Freedom Foundation             Friends of General Singlaub
801 Brickell Ave /#1901                 Box 6335
Miami, FL 33131                         Alexandria, VA 22306

     I have checked out both addresses as well as I could. The first
has the same address as his law firm which conducts the actual
defense; and the authenticity of the other was confirmed by them --
they collaborate.
     [As in the case of Oliver North and other conservative causes,
there will probably be no shortage of scavengers and looters who will
use his name to raise funds for themselves. Do not fall for them.]
     Money is necessary, but not sufficient: read up on the Christics,
read up on Singlaub (get on the mailing list of the two addresses
above); then spread the word on both!

*****************     Note added 7/7/88:     ***********************

     In late June 1988, federal Judge James Lawrence King (apparently 
in Miami) threw out the Christic's suit on the grounds that they did 
not have enough evidence to present to the jury.
     I have nevertheless left the above intact, for except for its 
comparatively benign ending, the case is typical of the lawlessness 
now gripping America.
     The decision was pretty well censored by the media establishment. 
I found out about it in the WASHINGTON INQUIRER, a small-circulation 
weekly allied with Accuracy in Media.
     It is time the US applied the same principle to court suits as 
most other countries under the rule of law: costs are paid by the 
loser. The American system enables a political witch hunter like the 
Christics to file any suit with wildly concocted charges against any 
victim of their choice. Even if the suit is totally without merit, the 
victim is forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, as was the 
case with General Singlaub. Moreover, the Christics abused a racke-
teering law, meant against organized crime, to practice political 
revenge. Had they been able to file in Washington, D.C., Gesell and 
other Sirica-like judges would probably have realized their hopes. In 
West European countries, the filing of arbitrary suits is not risk-
less: the possible payment of court costs acts as a strong deterrent 
against barratry.
     Finally, Gen. Singlaub still needs money to pay the bills in-
flicted on him by both the Christics and a low-grade judicial system. 
So does Oliver North, Secord, Poindexter, Habib, Nofzinger, and a 
whole series of witch hunt victims indecently abandoned by Ronald 

                            *    *    *

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