]]]]]]]]]]]]]]     SUNSHINE INTO THE RATHOLES     [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ 
     A meeting sponsored by the Institute of Policy Studies (Washing-
ton), the Institute of the USA and Canada (Moscow), and the USSR-USA 
Society (the US branch of the USSR-[...] Friendship Society in 80 coun-
tries) held a meeting in Minneapolis on May 24-28, 1983 to "discuss" 
the nuclear arms freeze.
     Inspite of 80 Congressmen and 12 senators protesting that several 
of the Soviet visitors were not just propaganda "freezniks," but known 
Soviet intelligence officers, The State Department denied visas only 
to two Soviet officers with blatant intelligence connections; but a 
visa was granted to "Professor" Mikhail A. Milshteyn, a veteran offi-
cer of Soviet intelligence with the rank of general. (The sponsors of 
the conference always addressed him as "Professor," only the Very 
Reverend William Sloan Coffin of the Riverside Church, New York, 
speaking in Russian, evoked an embarrassed smile from Milshtein when 
he addressed him as "tovarishch general" -- Comrade General.)
     How US citizens gave advice to the Soviets on impressing  public 
opinion with "meaningless gestures" so as to delay the deployment of 
US missiles in Europe, and many other almost incredible details of 
that meeting are documented in the athole -- your BraiRo Kora Vice 
will carry you there to meet Cora Weiss and some others of her 
ilk. However, here in the Operations Room we are concerned with 
another point: How did every word spoken at that meeting get out?
     The organizers had not intended it that way, of course. They 
wanted to give the usual press briefings at the end of each day, but 
to exclude them from what was actually going on at the meetings. 
     Such an exclusion is not, of course, voiced as a crude prohibi-
tion. In fact, when journalists raised their eyebrows about such 
treatment, IPS "Media Representative" Tod Mesirov quickly circulated a 
letter, dated 23 May 1983, explaining that IPS President Marcus Raskin 
and Minneapolis Mayor Fraser had agreed to make space available for no 
less than 100 reporters and observers, namely 40 "accredited or recog-
nized reporters" and 60 observers, defined as "spouses, ... those who 
helped to make the conference possible (money or services), those who 
by status or profession would have a special interest;" and the public 
would be admitted on a "space available."
     Guess who did the accrediting, recognizing and deciding how much 
space was available; more important, be on the lookout for such assu-
rances of press freedom in your community. And more important still, 
watch what the legendary John Rees did.
     Who is John Rees? One hundred things at a time. A journalist who 
would not take NO for an answer; a researcher who dug up the fact that 
Minnesota has a Sunshine Law; a bright man who realized that Minnea-
polis Mayor Donald Fraser, a "US" delegate to the meeting, was an 
elected official; and thus a man who bust this rathole wide open for 
himself and the rest of the press; a reporter who personally covered 
the meeting, who taped every word of it; a publisher who made the 
speeches and incidents at the meeting public in his INFORMATION 
DIGEST; for he is the eyes and ears of America.
     Now go down the athole to read what went on in Minneapolis.
You may need a strong stomach.

                              * * *

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