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[My  title  for  this  excerpt  from  `Media  Money  Moves Left',
MediaWatch, May 1989, pp. 6-7.   MediaWatch is published 12 times
a year  ($36) by  the Media  Research Center,  111 South Columbus
St., Alexandria, Virginia 22314.  Phone (703) 683-9733.]

[First paragraph omitted]

   To  discover  the media's  trends  in  political philanthropy,
Media  Watch  examined  annual  reports  and  publicly  available
foundation records at  the Foundation Center  in Washington, D.C.
The  records  show  a  recurring  attachment  to  liberal groups,
including many which  often serve as  authoritative news sources.
This symbiotic relationship  -- media funds  source, media quotes
source -- raises serious questions about media impartiality. ...

foundation gave to the largest  number of liberal groups.  Annual
reports from 1982  to 1986 reveal  grants, such as  $5,000 to the
far-left magazine The  Nation for a  publishing intern-ship.  The
Times has  been a  consistent supporter  of environmental groups,
from the National Wildlife Federation, (creators of ``stimulating
educational packages'' for schools like ``Welcome to the USSR,'')
to  the  World  Resources  Institute,  (which  opposes ``cramming
nuclear  power  down  the  throats  of  an  unwilling  public and
unwilling investors.'')  Foundation president Fred Hechinger told
Media Watch ``our  decision to make grants  is guided entirely by
indications of the usefulness and effectiveness of the applicants
and not by ideological considerations.''

Liberal: $436,000 (96.5%)

$10,000   American Friends Service Committee
$19,000   Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies
$29,000   Brookings Institution
$10,000   Children's Defense Fund
$ 9,000   Conservation Foundation
$20,000   Council on Foreign Relations
$25,000   Environmental Action Coalition
$21,000   Environmental Defense Fund
$15,000   Environmental Law Institute
$15,000   Feminist Press, Inc.
$28,000   Foreign Policy Association
$ 3,000   Government Accountability Project
$ 3,000   King Center for Nonviolent Social Change
$45,000   NAACP
$ 5,000   NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund
$ 8,000   National Audubon Society
$ 5,000   National Commission on U.S.-China Relations
$20,000   National Public Radio
$20,000   National Urban League
$ 6,000   National Wildlife Association
$ 5,000   The Nation Institute
$11,500   National Resources Defense Council
$19,000   NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund
$24,500   Planned Parenthood
$12,000   Population Resource Center
$10,000   Sierra Club
$ 5,000   Urban Institute
$24,000   Wilderness Society
$ 5,000   World Resources Institute
$ 4,000   World Wildlife Fund

Conservative: $16,000 (3.5%)

$ 6,000   American Enterprise Institute
$10,000   Media Institute

[Remainder of article omitted.]

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