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[Following is a letter by Sysop to:]

John W.Quilhot
Box 343
Hanover, N.H. 03755
                                                      5 December 1988
Dear Mr. Quilhot:
     After reading the disgusting and evidently deliberate lies about 
the DARTMOUTH REVIEW in the current ECONOMIST, I am enclosing $100 for 
the Legal Defense Fund for the students who thought that Dartmouth 
granted academic freedom or freedom of the press.
     Without conceding that your editorial likened Freedman to Hitler 
(as the ECONOMIST alleged), I find it remarkable that the ECONOMIST 
implies that such a comparison is impermissible because Freedman is 
     Freedman has never breathed a word against left-wing totalitaria-
nism. His tantrums against South Africa, which grants full democracy 
and human rights only to whites, as against his silence about the 
Soviet Union, which grants them to nobody, proves his sympathy for 
     His racism is obvious in the sense that he applies a double stan-
dard by race for his students and faculty, as was the case with Prof. 
Cole, whose race was more important to Freedman than his incompetence. 
It may be less obvious that Freedman is at the same time an anti-BLACK 
racist. When the blacks are suppressed in South Africa, where they 
have more human rights than in any other African country (I do not 
mean to imply that that is enough), Mr Freedman grandstands about 
racist oppression, but when a minority tribe in Burundi slaughtered 
more than 100,000 members of the majority tribe in 1974 (and once more 
some 10,000 this year), Mr. Freedman yawned. Why? Only one reason 
matches the facts: though it is unfashionable to say so aloud, Mr 
Freedman deep in his heart evidently believes that in Burundi this was 
"only niggers doing it to each other."
     So although you did not say it, I will: In my eyes, Mr Freeman's 
affinity for totalitarianism and racism makes him a definite candidate 
for comparison with the Nazis. There is, of course, a significant 
difference: while the Nazis blatantly displayed their indecency, Mr 
Freedman hides his behind a cloak of deceptive "liberal" imagery.

     Petr Beckmann
     Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering,
        University of Colorado, and
     Publisher, ACCESS TO ENERGY
     Boulder, Colorado

                         *    *   *

               ADDENDUM FOR FORT FREEDOM:          

[To find out more about Prof. Cole's "classes," visit the Buffoonery,                
               floor 10, of this Fort.] 

     Freedman's sympathy for totalitarianism and his racism is by no 
means unusual in the academic and media establishment. Another neo-
Nazi of this type, Anthony Lewis of the NEW YORK TIMES, recently dis-
played his slavish devotion to totalitarianism in discussing the 
shameful US-State-Dept.-sponsored treaty between S. Africa and Angola 
(the S. Africans leave Angola NOW, grant Namibia independence SOON, 
whereas the Cubans PROMISE to leave Angola over the next TWO YEARS).
     Lewis had the gall to accuse S. Africa of "destabilizing" the 
regimes of Angola and Mozambique, meaning that they used to support 
the freedom fighters against the savage Marxist dictatorships in these 
countries, both outposts of the Soviet Empire.
     Yes, thank God, they are "destabilizing" them all right -- 
without the help of, indeed, in spite of, Reagan's appeasing admini-
stration. So was George Washington "destabilizing" the British Empire. 
So was the Maquis "destabilizing" the Nazi occupation of France -- to 
the dismay of Mr Lewis, if he has any consistency. 
     Being Jewish, he very likely opposed the Nazis, if he was old 
enough. Unlike Mr Lewis, most others were against the Nazis because 
they opposed totalitarianism.

                         *   *   *

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