]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]      SMEARING TELLER         [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ 
          The ultimate slime from the New York Slimes  
     On 21 April 1983, world-renowned scientist Edward Teller testi-
fied on the moral and scientific advantages of replacing a retaliatory 
defense with a protective one -- one of America's fundamental pro-
blems, and one most people don't even know of. But when the boob-tube 
cameras crowded in on Teller, they were not interested in America's 
problems. They were interested in some dirty slander scribbled by one 
of the worms creeping in the New York Slimes and printed on their 
front page.                                   
     Teller allegedly had bought some stock in a company... well, 
let's not go into this absurdity of no importance other than its 
viciousness. If you do want the refutation of this filth, look up the 
full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal of 31 May 1983 in your lib-
rary. Teller's own news release and total refutation was not, of 
course, printed by the Slimes, and so Accuracy in Media  had to pay 
$72,531 for the ad to penetrate the censorhip of the press (AIM is an 
organization well worthy of your support, 1341 G St/#312, Washington, 
DC 20005; they will send you the ad, but if you can, please contribute 
to this horrendous expense.)                           
     You will find AIM's ad and newsletter fully illuminating; but let 
us pursue a different angle: How can you recognize these falsehoods 
and slanders for what they are on the very first day they are printed? 
How can you recognize them when AIM does not pay $72,000 for a page's 
worth of freedom of the press?
     No, not by the paper alone: The New York Slimes are so unreliable 
that you cannot even bank on them ALWAYS lying. Nor are all of their 
reporters dishonest, though the honest ones make no major editorial 
     There are several ways, but in this case one is sufficient: moti-
vation. What would motivate a man like Teller to play the stockmarket 
to make a couple of crummy kilobucks, or a million for that matter?
     This year, Edward Teller celebrated his 75th birthday. He spends 
his time working with students, advising scientists, writing books, but 
most of all traveling and telling people how to prevent war: He can 
reach them only personally, because the censors of the American press 
deny him a voice.
     One reason why he does not need any money is that he would have 
no time to spend it. What would he do with a million dollars? Buy 
himself a diamond-studded umbrella that makes instant cocoa by voice 
command? The things that money can buy for others -- time on the golf 
course, more time with his grandchildren -- he could have for free. 
All he would have to do is lose his dedication.
     To the contrary, what might be the motivation of the dwarf who 
scribbled the piece? If nothing else, upward mobility in the Slimes. 
To see how that is achieved, look at the articles of those who 
achieved it: Tom Wicker, Anthony Lewis, for example. AtE readers know 
how the reporters from "Science" make it to the big dailies: printing 
old wives' tales about radiation, but concealing that same radiation 
from radon in energy-efficient homes, then suddenly turning dubious 
and rejecting all evidence when it comes to Soviet-made Yellow Rain. 
That was the recent case of Nicholas Wade and others before him;
Marshall Elliot is still strenuously working at his promotion.
     Motivation or its absence will reveal things immediately, but 
they are then further confirmed by the perpetrators themelves. What 
reason was there to censor Teller's press release? When an AtE reader 
wrote to the Slimes, they replied with irrelevant quibbles that might 
even be true -- just as it is true that "Gerth [the author of the 
piece] has not been convicted of stealing from orphanages in more 
than two cases."
     He probably thinks that smearing requires special talents.
                         *  *  * 

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