]]]]]]]]        HEY, YOU SOB! CAN YOU SPARE $500?        [[[[[[[[[[[[
                     by Freeman 07656GAED                 (10/2/1989)

[A moocher wrote a letter to the editor of my local paper denigrating
Malcolm Forbes for his lavish birthday party "while 28,000 Ethiopian
children die each day from malnutrition...."  It seems the moocher
had tried to put the touch on Mr. Forbes at a June reception at the
Waldorf for $500 for a fitness award for a deserving child and was
turned down last month.  Here is a connection between ethics and
freedom: what is slavery but the sacrifice (altruism) of freedom?]
Editor, The Record
150 River St.
Hackensack, NJ  07601

Editor, The Record:

    So, Malcolm Forbes turned down Edward Bradley of Milltown when he
tried to put the touch on him for $500.00 (letter, Oct. 1).  If Mr.
Forbes had only donated the money he wouldn't have been attacked for
enjoying the rest of his money?  Sounds like extortion gone awry to
me.  I wonder how many venomous letters of this stripe Mr. Bradley
mailed out to other New Jersey newspapers?
    Mr. Forbes' money is Mr. Forbes' money and he knows it.  He
earned it.  I enjoy my money too.  I and thousands if not millions of
others receive lots of inspiration from the lifestyle of Mr. Forbes
who is one happy fella.  Too bad, Mr. Bradley: maybe you need a gun
to collect your sacrifices.

                                   Brant Gaede
[Published Oct. 20 sans last sentence.]

   [Sysop's note: Reminds me of J.P. Morgan, who was accosted by a
do-gooder in the street, reproached for his wealth and told to share
his money with others.
   He pulled out a dime and asked "Want your share right now?"]

                              *     *     *

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