]]]]]]]]]]]]]]       A LETTER ON CONSERVATISM        [[[[[[[[[[[[[[                                         
                By David Solan (Freeman 06856SOLA)        (9/28/89)

                                                 September 8, 1989
Editor, New York City Tribune
401 Fifth Avenue
New York,  NY  10016

To the Editor:

      The ideal projected by modern "liberalism" is a society of
government controls which regulate all aspects of men's choices and
lives.  This is to be done in the name of the welfare of the many as
opposed to the greed of the few.  There is a political system which
implements this "ideal" in practice and in the name of the same
purpose, as it has done since October, 1917: Communism.
      Indeed, the leftists of our society have secretly looked up to
communism as a moral ideal for decades, while continuing to engage in
witch hunts against whatever anti-communism they could find.  There
has been only one little Aow{l;v[ for them: communism in practice has
proved to be a monstrous evil.
      Conservatives claim to represent an alternative to liberalism.
And for years they have pointed to this ugly relationship between
their adversaries and communism (though, after McCarthy, they've done
so rather delicately), and questioned how a movement logically
connected and, as a result, openly sympathetic to something so evil
could really be taken as "compassionate" or "humanitarian".
      For years the conservative complaint was well-taken.  Not any
more. For now the conservatives have gradually evolved their own
counterpart to the liberals' tolerance of and sympathy towards a
monstrous evil on this earth: the conservatives' blank out on modern-
day Islam.  As in the case of the liberals, the conservatives make
excuses for this "ideal", remain invulnerable to evidence and logical
arguments against it, and never rethink their position.
      It started in 1973 with the Arab oil "embargo", which really
covered up a trillion dollar theft of Western oil.  It escalated
throughout the 70's reaching its climax with Jimmy Carter effectively
appointing Khomeini head of Iran.  Soon there was the "Death of the
Princess" fiasco, where Saudi Arabia managed the long-distance
censorship of American TV.  We've also seen such obscenities as 250
Marines murdered in Lebanon protected by one guard with an UNloaded
rifle, the deliberate murder of 250 Americans on Flight 103 while
America was rushing to give millions to compensate deaths in the
accidental shooting down of an Iranian airliner, the Ayatollah openly
threatening death to all Americans responsible for publishing and
distributing Salman Rushdie's book while our government offered them
no protection, and so on.  We've seen Iran instigate horrors, like mob
acid attacks against beautiful young women, and the murder of hundreds
of thousands in its insane war with Iraq.  We've seen American
hostages being taken, and murdered, and we've seen the response of
America: negotiating with or even selling arms to those responsible.
Through it all, the conservatives made excuse after excuse for the
followers of Islam, emphasizing their noble religious aspirations and
how OUR iniquity, our very existence, insulted their beliefs, so it
was all so "understandable".
      America's foreign policy, its energy policy, its military
stance, its honor and dignity, its friendship with Israel, are now all
being determined not by the assertion of its rightful self-interest
vis-a-vis Islam and the Arabs, but by its attempting to slink into
some neutral corner.  We feel morally disarmed because these enemies
of civilization commit their atrocities in the name of religion, and
this means, in the name of the ideals of the conservatives.
      Islam has become for the conservatives what communism was and is
for the "liberals": an albatross around their necks which both
secretly admire, but which in reality is a rotting body which bespeaks
of the hidden evil lurking in the heart of each of their respective

                                         Sincerely Yours,
                                         David  Solan
                                         P. O. Box 123
                                         Norwalk,  CT  06856
                                         (203) 866-6900

                         *       *       *

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