]]]]]]]]]   Answer to a panhandler, by H.P. Metzger      [[[[[[[[[[ 

To: Christopher F. Edley
United Negro College Fund
                                                     9 September 1988
     There were more negroes attending college (per capita) when I was 
a boy in the 1930's than there are today. Likewise, a far higher 
percentage of negroes finished college then, once they started, when 
compared to now. And all of this despite an ever increasing amount of 
money lavished per capita. In fact, a case can (and has) been made 
that one caused the other: the more money spent, the worse the result.
     Despite these facts, the United Negro College Fund thinks 
(evidently) that money is the problem. I say this because you are 
asking me to give money to help negroes go to college.
     Why? So that they can drop out at a still greater rate ? It seems 
to me that you should be directing your efforts not outside the negro 
community, but inside it, against its corrosive culture, for that's 
where the problem lies. 
     Why should white liberals (like me) continue to give money to 
negroes when they increasingly piss it all away ?

Peter Metzger, 
Boulder, Colo.
                         *    *    *

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