]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]      FREEMAN RUNS FOR OFFICE     [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
Freeman David Solan (ID 06852SOLA) is running as a member of the 
Connecticut Independent Party for a seat in the State Senate. The 
following is his statement on announcing his candidacy:
        "I will run on the platform of freedom.  Freedom raises the
dignity and motivation and spirit and happiness and integrity of man.
If you trust men with freedom, they respond by learning to trust and
love themselves.  When men trust and love themselves there is no limit
to the good that they can accomplish on this earth.  Freedom is a
precondition of thought and action if men are to be proud and
independent and productive and noble in this world ... that is, if men
are to be men.  And if they are not to be men, they cannot survive, for
they cannot live in any other way.
        "All virtue and all achievement comes from individual men.  All
individual men must be free if virtue and achievement are to continue on
this earth and if the human race is to survive.  Government should give
men freedom so that they can live as individuals, and yet do so within a
social context.
        "What does a 'platform of freedom' mean in political practice?
It means decreasing present-day big government and lowering taxes, while
using the power of government only to retaliate against criminal acts.
Here are some concrete examples:
        "1. Our public education system is a government controlled
bureaucracy.  It introduces the element of force into the instruction of
our youth -- force to recruit the pupils to be instructed, force to
collect the monies to pay for that instruction, force to set the
standards for that instruction, and force to maintain the government
monopoly on that instruction.  In order to reform this situation what is
needed are people free to think up better ways to educate our youth, and
free to apply those ways in practice.  You do not achieve this by force,
but rather by encouraging private alternatives to the one-party,
coercive control of education now exercised by government.
        "This can be done through tax credits and tax abatements of
various kinds, and a variety of other methods allowing entry of free
enterprise into the educational marketplace.  The one way you
absolutely, positively CANNOT improve education in America is by
collecting still greater taxes to pay still greater amounts of money for
still more support of the present system.  The present system is no good
and should receive less and less money to maintain it, while more and
more money should be left in private hands to finance competitive
educational alternatives to the present system.
        "2. Medical and health care in America has reached a gloriously
appalling state of fabulous expense, combined with massive incompetence
and ignorance, and, yes, sometimes combined with brilliant technology
and miracles.  This combination is unstable and will eventually
deteriorate further in favor of the incompetence at the expense of the
brilliance, while the costs will go ever higher ... along with the human
suffering.  To get better health care for more people in the long run we
need to have better doctors and hospitals and administrators and medical
professionals and medical insurance practices.  This betterment can only
come from the spirit of entrepreneurial innovation animating people in
all these fields.  You accomplish this, in turn, by allowing all these
people to be free to develop better ideas and implement them in
practice.  This means less government and quasi-governmental control
over medicine and more freedom in medicine for all those participating
in it.
        "Again, tax credits can help here.  More importantly, the maze
of legislative and judicial restrictions, direct and indirect, on
medicine and its insurance must gradually be lifted.  The one way you
absolutely, positively CANNOT improve medical care in America is by
collecting still greater taxes to pay still greater amounts of money for
still more support of the present system.  The present system needs
reform.  That reform can only come from private individuals, not from
further edicts of government committees and bureaucrats.
        "3. Taxes to pay for the welfare system are eating up productive
people in our society.  The work and efforts of these people are
effectively being cannibalized to pay for an ever-growing sub-culture of
oppressors and dependents.  The money, of course, mostly goes to the
welfare bureaucrats, who use it, mainly, to demonstrate to everyone in
power that what they need is still more money and still more controls.
All this self-serving money and incestuous control is to solve a problem
which has been made hundreds of times worse under their aegis over the
last 60 years.
        "A better idea is to cut government controls and taxes, along
with welfare spending, drastically.  In this way: private industry will
flourish, requiring more workers to accomplish a greater number and
variety of tasks, thereby opening up more employment opportunities for
everyone in our society who is willing to work for a living; the
productive people of our society will reap more of the rewards of their
productivity and will be motivated to increase such activities; and the
unproductive will have to bear a heavier burden if they choose to remain

Solan for Solon
Belden Post Office Box 886
Norwalk,  CT  06852

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