]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] THREE ARTICLES FROM A PEACE TREATY   [[[[[[[[[[[[[ 

             Agreement on Restoring the Peace in Vietnam,
                       Paris, January 27, 1973

     The Government of the United States of America and the Government 
of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam undertake to respect the 
following principles for the exercise of the South Vietnamese people's 
right to self-determination:
     (a) The South Vietnamese people's right to self-determination is 
sacred, inalienable, and shall be respected by all countries.
     (b) The South Vietnamese people shall decide themselves the 
political future of South Vietnam through genuinely free and 
democratic elections under international supervision.
     (c) Foreign countries shall not impose any political tendency or 
personality on the South Vietnamese people.

     The two South Vietnamese parties undertake to respect the cease-
fire and maintain peace in South Vietnam, settle all matters of 
contention through negotiations, and avoid all armed conflict.

     Immediately after the cease-fire, the two South Vietnamese 
parties will
     - achieve national reconciliation and concord, end hatred and 
enmity, prohibit all acts of reprisal and discrimination against 
individuals or organizations that have collaborated with one side or 
the other;
     - ensure the democratic liberties of the people: personal 
freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of organization, freedom of 
political activities, freedom of belief, freedom of work, right to 
property ownership, and right of free enterprise.
                            *    *   * 

     [Taken from a full-page ad in the New York Times in April 1988 by 
the Committee for the Free World, 211 E.51st St/#11-A, New York, NY 
10022. The headline of the ad read "Before Jim Wright and Christopher 
Dodd and their pals toast the Nicaraguan cease-fire, they should read 
this,and the brief message below the three articles above ended with 
"If Nicaragua becomes another Cuba, we will not forget who was 
responsible. Nor shall we forgive." It was signed and paid for by some 
100 well-known Americans. The Committee will be grateful for 
contributions to their special media project to spread the word.]

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