]]]]]]]]]]]       BUTCHER DENG'S BUDDY WINS ONE       [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
                            By Sysop                        (1/25/90)

     So Limp Wimp Bush's veto on the Chinese Student Bill has been 
     It doesn't matter that the Democrats merely intended to embarrass him 
-- he deserved to be embarrassed.
     Last year Congress passed a law granting asylum to Chinese students 
now in the US if they did not want to return to their homeland after the 
Tienanmen Square massacre. This incurred the displeasure of Butcher Deng's
servant L.W.Bush, who pocket-vetoed it in his typical waffling manner: on
one hand, he promised the students they could stay by executive order, on
the other he knuckled under to Deng's wrath by his usual drivel about
needing Red China [FOR WHAT???], and about not wanting to "isolate" China
[no compunctions about isolating South Africa, which is infinitely more 
humane and democratic].
     The excecutive order of letting the Chinese students stay is, of 
course, a political ploy. He can rescind it with the same ease as he signed 
it, and for the same reason: short-term political expediency. I am not 
saying this lightly: last year the US still opposed Thatcher's Operation 
Keelhaul in Hong Kong and voted against forcibly repatriating 50,000 
Vietnamese Boat People. A few days ago, hardly noticed by the media, L.W. 
Bush slowly turned round, and I do mean slowly: his emissaries in Geneva 
agreed to forcible repatriation provided it is delayed for a year. If it 
ever does come out in the open, his speechwriters will no doubt drivel that
Operation Keelhaul delayed is Operation Keelhaul denied.
    Freemen will remember that L.W. Bush sent high officials Snowcraft and 
Eagleburg SECRETELY to Beijing shortly after Deng had thousands of students 
and other demonstators butchered wholesale by the catarpillars and machine 
guns of tanks manned by special units, for some officers of the regular 
army (now all executed) had refused to take part in the butchery -- much as 
happened in Romania, though Ceausescu failed where Deng succeeded. L.W. 
Bush sent his cronies to Beijing to raise champaign glasses in mutual 
toasts with the butchers. After the indignation at Deng's atrocity had died 
down -- for indignation nowadays never lasts very long in the West -- he 
sent them for more champaign toasts, this time in full public view.
     Had Ceausescu's Securitate succeeded as well as Deng's hordes, 
L.W. Bush's personal emissaries would today toast Nicoale Ceausescu in 
Bucharest, and again I do not say this lightly: For one thing, there is not 
a shred of a reason why he should have behaved differently than in the case 
of China; for another, in 1983 L.W. Bush himself, then Vice President, had 
no hesitations about an official visit to Bucharest, where he hailed 
Ceausescu's Romanian giga-concentration camp for its "openness and 
independence." In this he was only continuing Carterite traditions: in 1978 
Ceausescu was invited on a state visit, received the keys to the city of 
Washington, DC, and was made an honorary citizen of Texas. 
     Nor is his Carterite soul drawn only to Chinese, Romanian and
Vietnamese butchers. When the Soviets left behind an Afghanistan government
armed to the teeth and now receiving $6 billion/year from them, L.W. Bush
saw to it that the rebels got no more stingers and little of anything else.
When the people of Eastern and Central Europe began to topple the old
tyrannies, the first to whine about precipitate change and the danger of
destabilization were not Honnecker or the other viceroys -- it was
America's disgrace L.W. Bush. When the Romanians revolted, L.W. Bush 
publicly humiliated them by saying he would not object to Soviet tanks 
moving in. When the Soviets had ethnic troubles in Azerbeijan, he was the 
first to whine that the US supports the territorial integrity of the USSR. 
Fortunately, the world no longer takes much notice when an American
president wets his pants.
     And of course, L.W. Bush was not the only one to do so. Only a 
babe in arms could have been surprised at Dole and the other Republiwimps 
supporting Deng by groveling at the feet of the groveler. But in case you 
thought sham-conservative William Buckley was any better (I did not, I have 
seen through this phony for years), look up his revolting whitewash of
Margaret Thatcher's policy of forced repatriation of the Boat People (NR
first 1990 issue). I bet he feels cheated for not being there in 1946 to
use a rifle butt to force kicking and screaming Ukranian women into the
trucks taking them to their deaths in Stalin's gulags.
      As for L.W. Bush, I suspect he is the type of president that the US 
must expect until evolution or some drastic event shakes it out of the 
present system where high officials of the executive branch are so bound by 
the ``behave or else'' threat of the mass media (directly or via Congress) 
that the job is not really open to anybody but to a nobody like L.W. Bush 
-- a servile weakling engaging in nothing but petty management behind a 
facade of frothy chatter.

                          *     *     *

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