]]]]]]]]]]]]]]       VIOLENCE BEGETS VIOLENCE?        [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
                              by Sysop                       (8/2/89)

     The indecision and wimpishness of the US and other Western
governments after the murder of Lt.Col. Higgins is unbelievable.
     By government, as usual, I mean not only the three subservient
branches, but also its leading branch, the media. Just as they
used "guerilla" only for leftists, but "Contras" etc. for others, so
they have now taken over the word "execution" from the Muslim cut-
throats. Higgins was not murdered, he was "executed." Was John Kennedy
"executed"? Or Christ? Or the martyrs of Tianan Men Square?
Capitulation to an enemy begins by adopting his vocabulary.
     Israel should not have "escalated" the situation by abducting a
known terrorist and bringing him (I hope) to trial. Innocent bystander
or terrorist cut-throat, they're all the same, as long as we have
peace and quiet and status quo. Christ, Joan of Arc, George
Washington, the Chinese students, they were all a bunch of trouble
    "Israel should haver consulted us," says Wimp Dole dolefully. For
they are a US colony that should consult the most wimpish government
in US history before they sneeze; if they do, George Wimp & Subwimps
might let go in their pants.
    "Violence begets violence," the parrots echo each other, for St.
Goebbels correctly preached that a lie repeated one million times
becomes the truth. In reality, VIOLENCE IS THE ONE AND ONLY WAY TO
END VIOLENCE. Anyone who does not agree should explain how the Nazis
were finished off. By persuasion, petition, compromise and diplomatic
     What would I do if I were in The Wimp's shoes?
     I would say: "Kill Ciccipio, and we will give the Israelis a
bomber bearing his name. To show we are not kidding, we are now giving
Israel a bomber bearing Higgins' name. We do not negotiate with
terrorists; we know that if we negotiate the release of 3 hostages 
today, you will take 300 tomorrow. But here are our terms of non-
negotiation: by the end of the week, you release all Western hostages, 
or we wipe Kharg Island (and the oil revenue it brings your masters 
and financers) from the face of the earth. 
     "Are we bluffing? Try us, boys!"

                    *      *     *

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