]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]            THINGS TO COME            [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
               by Brant Gaede (Freeman 07656GAED)          (3/7/1989)

  Do  you miss Ronald Reagen already?  Well, no, at  least  I  don't; 
we're  well rid of him.  It's just that his colorless replacement  is 
little more than a glorified bureaucrat sitting on top of the  ready-
to-explode  volcano of our economy.  Essentially this  Administration 
is  a mere continuation of the one before, which itself ran on  auto-
pilot after the first year or so.
  His  head, empty of philosophy and ideas, Sir George  Bush  battles 
the forces of evil in the U.S. Senate over the almost inconsequential 
issue of the Tower nomination for Secretary of Defense.  Sure it's  a
grab  for power by Senator Nunn, and why not?  At least Senator  Nunn 
favors some development and application of the Strategic Defense  In-
itiative (at least he use to), while Tower threw it all away for  the 
sake  of his confirmation.  Now the little man from Texas is  reaping 
the reward for his appeasement and all too obvious power lust.
  Of course, SDI is not inconsequential, but since Bush isn't for  it 
you'd  best start building your own bomb shelter; no one but  you  is 
going to be looking out for you and yours.
  The  total lack of Western leadership reflects nothing so  much  as 
the response to Nazism in the 1930's, only worse.  You look at Gorba-
chev  and you long to see some of that intelligence and verve on  our 
side. That he is basically a screw-up trying to manipulate the screw-
up that is Soviet Russia into function and is doomed to fail save  in 
destruction is another matter, except the whole world is spinning  in 
the  same whirlpool.  He's just at the bottom trying to suck us  down 
too.  Our "China card" will eventually kick us in the teeth, which is 
what  happened to George Bush on his recent visit.  Our  problems  in 
Central America are now as nothing compared to those that are  coming 
from  the chaos and brutality soon to engulf Mexico, courtesy of  the 
  Freedom or slavery.  Who speaks for freedom? Not the United States.
  This  economic boom of ours rides the horse of indebtedness and in-
flation  is the only tool that will be used to keep it going.   Based 
on  his past actions it's a fairly safe bet that Greenspan will  pro-
vide  the necessary liquidity. Inflation you can blame on the  spend-
thrift  Congress, but throw the economy into a recession a la  Volker 
in  1979-80 and  the  blame will devolve on the  Fed  and  the  Pres.  
Eventually, of course, the horse crashes to a stop regardless.
  We  are  all  being suffocated as our Government  gets  bigger  and 
bigger  and it's growing number of regulations more complicated,  ir-
rational  and onerous.  This will continue for now, just as  it  will 
continue throughout the world as statism begets more statism, politi-
cal stupidity more stupidity.
  When  the big crash comes we may have an opportunity to  save  this 
country, if we are articulate and have the answers.  We will be ready 
if  we fight for rationality  and freedom  now.  In a hundred  years, 
historians may look back at a seemingly obscure event and say it made
all  the difference.  If we live and fight to the best  of  our abil-
ities for what we  think is right  some of us  or some one of us  may
just  be  responsible for it,  whatever it might be.  And  you  don't 
have to be selfless about it either.  Even Harry Browne, though  I've 
never  appreciated his attitude (my loss?), has been one of the  most 
effective advocates of freedom of the last two decades. 
  Freedom fighters are the only free men.

                         *      *      *

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