]]]]]]]]]]]]        HITLER-STALIN PACT FACTS BURIED     [[[[[[[[[[[[[ 
                         By Ralph de Toledano,               (9/25/88)
 Washington, D.C.-based author and conservative political columnist
                         (and AtE subscriber)
                         Copley News Service

     A panel of prominent Soviet historians and government officials 
has kicked a large hole in glasnost by defending the Hitler-Stalin 
"non-aggression" pact, which gave Nazi Germany a green light to launch 
World War II. Burying the facts under another ton of propaganda, 
Valentin Falin, head of the press agency Novosti, a member-candidate 
of the CPSU's Central Committee, and spokesman for the panel announced 
that the infamous 1939 pact was a prudent necessity to give Josef 
Stalin a chance to prepare for war with Adolf Hitler.
     This statement ranks with the bland immorality of the statement 
by then Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov, right after the pact was 
announced, that "fascism is a matter of taste."  The Hitler-Stalin 
pact was, in fact, merely a public proclamation of the covert alliance 
between the Nazis and the Soviets which dated back to the early days 
of Hitler's rise to power. The 1932 Berlin transport strike, in which 
Nazis and communists worked in organizational tandem to disrupt Ger-
many's democratic government, is but one case in point. Recall that at 
the very time that Stalin and the Comintern were calling for "collec-
tive security" against Nazi Germany, the U.S.S.R. was secretly helping 
to train the Wehrmacht on Russian soil. Soviet propaganda then and now 
loudly denounced Britain Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's mission 
to Munich, but Stalin did nothing to prevent Hitler from seizing 
     The pact, moreover, included secret clauses partitioning Poland 
and delivering the three independent Baltic republics to Moscow. When 
Hitler attacked Poland from the west, Stalin back-stabbed by invading 
from the east. Comrade Falin, it should also be noted, says nothing 
about the vast amounts of oil and other militarily significant sup-
plies to the Nazis   hardly the act of a country preparing to go to 
war with Germany. When the Nazis did strike, Stalin complained of 
"betrayal" by an ally.
     The evidence of Soviet intentions was clear in the activities of 
Moscow-directed Communist parties throughout the world. French Commu-
nists made common cause with French Nazis during the pact period and 
did their best to sabotage the war effort.  In the United States, CIO 
unions called strikes in defense plants supplying the Western Allies. 
The slogan of these unions and of the CPUSA was, "The Yanks Aren't 
Coming"   changed to "The Yanks Aren't Coming Too Late" when the 
Soviet Union was invaded.  
     We are frequently reminded that 20 million Russians died in World 
War II a number smaller than those who died from Stalin's planned 
famines and purges. But the war would probably have been avoided and 
certainly would have followed a less tragic course had not Hitler and 
Stalin been allied. But so confident was Stalin of Hitler's friendship 
that he purged Marshall Tukhachevsky, one of the most brilliant mili-
tary strategists in Europe, and scrapped his plans for the defense of 
the Soviet Union at the behest of the German general staff.
     Glasnost or not, Soviet historians and propagandists cannot admit 
the facts of the Hitler-Stalin pact, as well as what preceded and 
followed it. To do so would be an admission to the world and to the 
long-suffering Russian people of the enormity of Soviet treason.
     And there is another factor. The "conclusions" of the panel which 
today justifies Stalin are part of a strategy to rehabilitate the 
bloody Soviet dictator with plans drawn up during the Leonid Brezhnev 
era which General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev is loath to scrap.
     If glasnost were genuine and if a true account of the Hitler-
Stalin pact were made known, it might well blow the lid off in the 
Soviet Union, with consequences hard to predict but dire for the 
Soviet dictatorship.
     Better to let the Armenians and Azerbaijanis riot and kill each 
other off. Better to let the Balts demonstrate. It looks good on the 
evening news and does little harm.

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