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The  following  item  of  loony  feminist  nonsense  is  from the
`interesting  excerpts'  section  of  Harper's  Magazine, October
1988, pp. 23-24: 

[Harper's  editorial intoduction:]  From ``It's  All in  What You
Ask:  Questions for  Search Committees  to Use,''  distributed in
June  by the  Association of  American  Colleges' Project  on the
Status  and   Education  of  Women.    The  paper   was  sent  to
``presidents and  chief academic  officers at  all post-secondary
institutions.'' [The following is from the paper:]

   Search  committees  often  have  difficulty  determining  if a
candidate is  aware of  and responsive  to women's  issues.  When
prospective employees  are asked,  ``Are you  concerned about and
supportive  of   women's  issues?''   they  invariably   give  an
affirmative reply.   Unfortunately, that  gives little indication
of their level  of concern or commitment.   This paper contains a
variety  of questions  that will  help elicit  useful information
about candidates' concerns about issues that affect women.

                        GENERAL QUESTIONS

   How has the women's movement affected your professional life?
   To whom do you go for advice about women's issues?
   In your job, have you ever seen a woman treated unfairly?  How
would/did you handle it?
   How much time  do you spend informally  (such as having lunch)
with male colleagues?  With female colleagues?
   What have you done to welcome new women colleagues to campus?


   Is there  a women's  center at  your institution?   How do you
feel about  women's centers?   What is  your relationship  to the
women's centers.
   Generally women students do not  participate in class as often
as men.  How have you helped members of your staff deal with this
   What do you  think of having a  non-sexist language policy for
university communications?  Would you implement one here?
   How have you worked to integrate women into sports and related
activities, including the band?


   Do you regularly  read or subscribe to  any journals that deal
with scholarship about women?
   Approximately how many men have you nominated for fellowships,
awards, and prizes?  How many women?
   For  science faculty:  Research  shows that  women  in science
often have  lower aspirations  than their  male colleagues.  Have
you encountered this in classes?  What do you do about it?
   What is your  experience with faculty  (and student) hostility
to women  and women's issues?   Have you seen  or experienced the
sort of backlash or denial where people say, in effect, ``I don't
want  to hear  about it''?   How  do you  deal with  backlash and
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