]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]        LAWYERS' JUSTICE       [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ 

     "Do you know how to save a sinking boat with 1,000 lawyers on 
                           *   *   *

     * Rochester, Mich., Feb 1987: A federal judge has ruled that a 
dog is not an American citizen and therefore is not entitled to sue an 
                           *   *   *

     * Cambridge, Mass (reported by Fortune, 2/14/86). P. Brown did 
not shovel or sand the driveway of his home because he was late for 
work. His wife Shirley was injured after slipping on it and sued her 
husband for negligence, asking for $35,000 in damages. She lost the 
suit, but on appeal to the State Supreme Court succeeded in overturn-
ing the legal idea that spouses cannot sue each other.

                           *   *   *

     *  Rockville, Ont. (AP Report January 1987) -- A son has success-
fully sued his mother for negligence after he asked her to dance and 
she tripped, fell on him, and broke his ankle. Charles Knapp, 29, was 
awarded C$13,000 against the estate of his mother, who died in April 
1986. The judge said she should have looked first before getting up.

                          *    *   *

     *  San Francisco (Reuters, Feb. 1988) A teenager who stole a city 
bus for a joy ride was awarded $150,000 by a US District Court jury 
claiming his civil rights were violated when a pursuing policeman shot 
and wounded him. City lawyers argued unsuccessfully that the policeman 
wounded the youth in the stomach when he thought the boy was about to 
fire a gun.
                         *    *    *

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