"How long has it been since you spent a few days in the intimate 
company of women; dressing and undressing, talking, showering, 
     For me, high school gym class came the closest. But that was the 
repressive fifties when even the most daring of us hid behind their 
towels, and others were so insecure ... that they went through group 
showers with their underwear on."
                                   GLORIA STEINEM in MS., April 1982

     "We've experienced it with the lone survivor in `On the Beach' 
we've contemplated it with Jonathan Schell in "The Fate of the Earth," 
and we've agonized over it with the Physicians for Social Respon-
     "Now we can worry about it with our dogs.
     "Yes, if and when the bombs fall, they won't just fall on humans; 
they'll also fall on dogs (and cats and giraffes and alligators and 
cockroaches and cockatoos)."
                          Book review of "Nuclear War Manual for Dogs"
                             in the BALTIMORE SUNDAY SUN, 23 Dec. 1982

     "I am a male WASP who attended (and succeeded) at Choate (prepa-
ratory) School, Yale College, Yale Law School and Princeton Graduate 
School. Slowly but surely [I came] to see that white, male-dominated, 
western European culture is the most destructive phenomenon in the 
known history of our planet. 
     "With all its creative brilliance, it is deeply hateful of life 
and committed to death; therefore, it is moving rapidly toward the 
destruction of itself and most other life forms on earth. And truly, 
it deserves to die."
                               Benjamin T. Hopkins, Chestertown, Md.,
                                           in MOTHER JONES, Dec. 1982

     "Sex by eight or else it's too late"           RENE GYUON SOCIETY
                                         (of homosexuals), Los Angeles
                          [meant is not 8 o'clock, but 8 years of age]

     "I recall the time I woke up with a fierce headache, and when 
nothing else helped, I went to the Univ. of Calif. experimental pine 
grove on San Pablo Avenue and carefully selected a tree. Wrapping my 
arms around that pine I felt its inner strength on my body, and I 
fully opened my heart to its power. In a few moments my headache 
                                Dr. Stephen Weinreb, M.D.
                       Open Education Exchange, Berkeley, Calif., 1983

                               * * * 

     "The country is torn up in an anti-drug hysteria that goes beyond 
truth and justice... In the 1950s. we had communism and loyalty 
oaths. In the 1980s, we have urine tests."
                                             Abbie Hoffman,
         Drug user, bail-jumper, theft advocate, antinuclear activist,
                           Lecturing at the University of Idaho [Why?]
                                                (Denver Post, 13/9/86)  
                               * * *

     "I was a political prisoner... [deprived of] my right to live on 
the street."                Joyce Brown, on her stay in hospital, in
               lecture at Harvard University, 2/18/88, before return-
               ing to New York, where she defecates in the street and 
               calls bypassers obscene names (see COMMENTARY 5/1988).

                               *  *  *

     "I protest the headline on a recent editorial, `Quagmires 
Revisited,' which had to do with the situation in Afghanistan. It only 
adds to the unconscious slander we all engage in when we use as 
pejoratives words to describe wetlands... Used as metaphor, these 
words take on a sinister meaning, and it's my thesis that it lends 
power to the forces that are destroying our remaining wetlands..."
                                Sierra Club Legal Defense writer in 
                                letter to New York Times, May 1988.
                              *  *  *

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