"We have got to stop science and scientific progress... Com-
plicated issues and facts...ignore them! Facts separate people, the 
enemy has facts and science. You can't fall into their trap by using 
the same language. It's not what moves people into action."
                                                         ABBIE HOFFMAN

     "The Solar Age will require a greater conformity to the ancient 
rhythms of life. While small, appropriate technology relying on very 
limited remaining stocks of non-renewable energy will still be used
where absolutely essential, the bulk of the transforming work will 
revert back to human and animal labor as it has in every other period 
before the Industrial Age."                                                 
                                                         JEREMY RIFKIN

     "Perhaps some day childbearing will be deemed a punishable crime 
against society unless the parents hold a government licence. Or 
perhaps all potential parents will be required to use contraceptive 
chemicals, the government issuing antidotes to citizens chosen for 
childbearing."          PROGRESS AS IF SURVIVAL MATTERED (Ed. H.Nash),
                                            Friends of the Earth, 1978

     "Coercion by many governments will undoubtedly be required to
control population growth"                                DAVID BROWER
                                (then) President, Friends of the Earth
                               (later Executive Director, Sierra Club)                                                          

     "Several coercive proposals deserve serious consideration, mainly
because we may ultimately have to resort to them unless current trends 
in birth rates are rapidly reversed by other means."
                                                          PAUL EHRLICH
             "Population, Environment, Resources," Freeman & Co., 1970

     "Giving society cheap, abundant energy ... would be the equiva-
lent of giving an idiot child a machine gun"              PAUL EHRLICH
               "An Ecologist's Perspective," FAS Publ.Iss. Rprt., 1975

     "A more realistic problem is to explain why the Western global 
dominance of the 19th and 20th centuries, probably a brief and excep-
tional event in the long span of human history, occurred at all."
               ROSS E.DUNN, Prof. of History at San Diego State Univ.,
                             letter to Christian Science Monitor, 1981

     "The only true and lasting security for the world lies in a just, 
international economy: Jesus Christ, the Prophets of the Old Testa-
ments and Karl Marx would agree on this."
                     Rt. Rev. Paul Moore, Episcopal Bishop of New York
                           at US-Soviet Meeting, Minneapolis, May 1983

     "The present government in Vietnam should be hailed for its 
moderation and for its extraordinary effort to achieve reconciliation 
among all of its people."
          Advertisement in the New York Times, 1977, signed by Richard 
          Barnet and others in reply to former ANTI-Vietnam activists 
          (such as Joan Baez) who deplored the 500,000 deaths of the 
          "Boat People" in the South China Seas seeking refuge from 
          the savage repression by the Vietnamese government.

     "Compared with the far-flung network of bases, alliances, aid 
programs and covert operations maintained by the Unites States, the 
Soviet effort is modest; but we should assume that in the present 
environment it will increase."
          Richard Barnet, cofounder of Institute for Policy Studies
                                     "Foreign Affairs," Spring 1979

     "Trust begins with forgiveness. I ask forgiveness as an American. 
I ask forgiveness for our nation's interference in the affairs of 
other countries, for our exploitation of other lands for economic 
gain, for unwarranted ward like Vietnam, for withholding our largesse 
from the poor of the world..."
                     Rt. Rev. Paul Moore, Episcopal Bishop of New York
                           at US-Soviet Meeting, Minneapolis, May 1983
     "To the poor of Latin America, the crucifixion is a political 
force... The nails for the Cross of Jesus are 'Made in USA'."
                   Rev. Enriquoe Dussel, exiled Argentinian theologian
                                  ("Indianapolis Star," 18 April 1983)

     "If Americans had done the same as Sakharov, their punishment 
would be harsh fines and imprisonment, not a generous pension and nice 
apartment in his own lovely native city of Gorky."
                            Nikolai Blokhin, Head of Soviet delegation 
                        to "Bilateral Exchange," Minneapolis, May 1983
     "The difference between nuclear reactors and nuclear bombs is 
mostly psychological."
                                                Helen Caldicott, 1981

     "Gorbachev is the only sane leader in the world. He's like Jesus 
Christ. He just heeps giving out good things like arms-control pro-
posals and getting hit with rejections."
                                                Helen Caldicott, 1987

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