]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]          AN UNUSUAL LETTER        [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
                               By Sysop

     I receive letters chiding me for my lack of diplomacy so often
that I call each "the" letter, as I did on the first floor of this tower

    But today, for the first time in 16 years, I think, I got the
opposite message written on the AtE renewal sheet:

     "I happened to be in Colorado and saw one of your articles
reprinted as an editorial (three, actually) in the COLORADO SPRINGS
GAZETTE-TELEGRAPH. It occurred to me that the writing style could only
inflame people outside of your mindset rather than persuade or con-
vince them. I was going to suggest that the you temper some of your
comments before submitting or granting permission to the outside
media. But in considering this it occurred to me that these simpering
psychotics and Luddites, etc. can seldom be persuaded or convinced of
anything, so, what the hell, inflame them. I enjoy it. Keep it up."

       J.M, Los Angeles, Calif.

                               *     *     *

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