]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]         ON ABORTION        [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
                    by Brant Gaede (07656GAED)           (7/21/1989)

[Revised by author 8/7/89]

  I'm pro-choice when it comes to abortion.  It's essentially none
of my business as I'm not a woman and if I were, only my pregnancy
would concern me.
  If a woman wants an abortion it's properly a matter between her
and her doctor.  Anybody else would be involved by her invitation
  A fetus or unborn child has no rights, including a right to life.
A right defines and sanctions "a man's freedom of action in a social
context." (Rand) The fetus has no social context, only a biological
one, and can do nothing with a right.  It is the Mother that has
rights, the unborn only has a yet unrealized potential to rights.
If there's a conflict, the Mother's rights should be protected.  She
has the right to obtain an abortion.
    I dislike the idea of abortion immensely.  If I were a pregnant
woman I would have one only in extremis.  I am willing to debate this
with anybody who is against abortion, but favors other methods of
contraception than the rhythm.  Otherwise I'd rather not, for it's
not life or rights one's defending but "God's Will" and I'm an
      It's "God's Will" that there be suffering on earth and that man
shouldn't interfer.  I view the "Right to Life" movement as essen-
tially just another facet of the anti-progress, deindustrialization
movement which demands sacrifices, in this case a woman is sacrificed
to the task and inherent danger of childbearing--to the fetus or
unborn child.  The "ecologist" demands that man be sacrificed to
nature and the advocate of the Welfare State demands the sacrifice of
the productive to the nonproductive.  In my view you cannot
objectively be both an advocate of freedom (politics) and man as a
self-sacrificer (ethics).  Those who advocate the latter are in-
variably willing to back it up with a gun.

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