]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]      CELEBRATING LIFE AND BIRTHDAYS      [[[[[[[[[[[[[
                  Written and uploaded by Zot Barazzotto
                          (Freeman 45385BARA)

July 3, 1989
     I made my entrance to the world when I was ready, not knowing
that by waiting a short ninety minutes I would have been born on the
Fourth of July.  So much for timing and planned birthdays.
     This year I did have an interesting present and unique gathering
to mark the occasion.  The Supreme Court provided the present in the
form of it's support of the pro-life ruling in the Webster case.
Overturning Roe vs Wade is long overdue, but the process is designed
for stability, so a long wait and small steps are expected.  Time is
on the side of life with a 5-4 majority and three very old liberal
justices that can't stay around forever.
     The Webster case sought to put limits on abortion to protect the
baby. From the comments of NOW's Molly Yard, you would have thought
that we were going to instantly revert to the conditions existing in
Iran. History reflects that civilization advanced as life was held to
higher and higher levels.  The pro-death (choice) forces would have us
believe that killing a baby isn't "really" killing.  Unfortunately,
the weight of the evidence doesn't substantiate their case.
     At the moment of conception the fertilized egg is different from
the egg and sperm that made it.  It has 46 chromosomes (vs 23 each for
the egg and sperm,) a different genetic makeup and is capable of
replacing its own dying cells.  By 18 days it's heart begins to beat
and about six weeks later it starts to move and it's brain waves can
be recorded.  By 18 to 20 weeks a premature baby can be kept alive.
Calling the baby a "product of pregnancy" and aborting it long after
it could survive, doesn't make rational sense.
    But then the pro-death arguments are not rational.  Rather they are
one more step in the anti civilization path advocated by the
"relativist" school of do-your-own-thing.  With no absolutes, any
values are as good as any others.  Net result, we no longer place on
the individual any responsibility for his/her actions.  If someone get
pregnant they don't have any responsibility for creating a new life-
so just kill the baby and deposit the remains in the trash. We either
reverse Roe vs Wade or we will eventually face the condition noted by
a condemned Nazi judge after the Nuremburg trials. "I never knew it
would come to this."  The American judge replied, "It came to this the
first time you condemned an innocent life."
     The unique gathering was with a group of friends who went to
Courthouse Square to counter the pro-death advocates.  The call to
gather was made on WFCJ (the Christian radio station - 93.7 FM) and
about 35 people met at Dave Hall Plaza.  We prayed for an end to the
killings then marched over to the Courthouse.  While the pro-death
advocates ranted and raved about fighting to the death for their right
to kill, we held our signs and pictures of aborted babies, sang "Jesus
Loves All The Little Children" and prayed for an end to the killing.
Probably the best birthday celebration I've had in 46 years.
     God moves in his own good time and all we can do is make sure we
are available when he wants us.   Each birthday reminds us of a
miracle called life and the Fourth of July reminds us of a miracle
that spawned the greatest level of freedom and prosperity the world
has ever known.  The choice we face is simple - return to our God
given roots and respect life or face the consequences.

                             *     *     *

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