]]]]]]]]]]]     MY CORRESPONDENCE WITH MRS THATCHER     [[[[[[[[[[[[[[
                         By Sysop                        (05/10/1989)

[Sent on AtE Stationery:]

Mrs. Margaret Thatcher        
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street
London WC1

                                                17 March 1989

Dear Mrs. Thatcher:

     Subscriber Mrs. Goudie of Canada asked me to forward the 
issues of this newsletter explaining why the alarm over the ozone 
layer is scientifically quite unfounded and why many of its 
aspects contradict the facts.
     I enclose both her letter and the issues she wanted sent.
     This newsletter has a readership of about 6,000 and is pub-
lished and written by myself, a Professor Emeritus of Electrical 
Engineering at the University of Colorado [also a member of 311 
(Czechoslovak) Squadron, RAF, 1942-45, service no. 788370]. 
     Please let me add something on my own behalf: While I hear-
tily approved of many of your actions, I was deeply offended by 
your unjustified decision to deliver Hong Kong to a totalitarian 
regime; and I am horrified by your present inaction in the moral-
ly reprehensible treatment of the Boat People there. Please help 
these poor souls who have proved the highest motivation and want 
nothing but their freedom. Failure to act now will give the tota-
litarians encouragement and will be an idelible blot on your 
     I don't suppose the world expects anything from the media-
pleasing weaklings who have been running the US government over 
the last decade, but you still have respect and prestige. I en-
treat you to use it.

     Yours sincerely,
     Petr Beckmann


Today, 05/10/89, I received the following reply from 10 Downing St.:

                                                       2 May 1989
Dear Mr. Beckmann:

     The Prime Minister has asked me to thank you for your recent 
     Mrs. Thatcher is most grateful for your kind thought in writing.

     Yours sincerely,

     J.W. .... (illegible)


[Original not sent; this copy for Freemen only:]

Dear Mr. J.W. Illegible:
     I am deeply touched by the kind words spewed out by your word 
processor, and so, I am sure, would the Boat People be as they are 
delivered back to the butchers from whom they had escaped.

     I apologize for letting myself be deluded into thinking that 
Mrs Thatcher was not the same kind of spineless wimp as Reagan and 

    In deep contempt,

                         *      *      *

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