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                                   July 30, 1988
Dear Dr. Beckmann,
     I've now written to all on my list about the Shoreham tax write-
off except the newspaper.  I'm biding my time on another Letter-to-the 
Editor because they already published one from me and I don't want to 
wear out my welcome.  I'll wait and see if the boys in Albany come 
through for Cuomo.  If they do, or if Cuomo tries a tactic that ex-
cludes the legislature, then I'll write.  In the meantime, perhaps 
another local will get his letter published.
     The editorial and op-ed page of our paper, the RECORD, seems to 
have taken a dog-leg to the Right this year.  They've got several 
conservative columnists and the cartoonist McNeely.  They can still 
put out melted-candy bar editorials, however.
     I think one reason THE NEW YORK TIMES seems to be more pro-
nuclear power these days is that they see the U.S. as being more pro-
Israeli the less dependent on foreign oil.
     If the politicians let Shoreham open they'll get egg on their 
faces.  Cuomo is already on the skids and he'll just go faster.  If 
they persist in keeping it closed, it will become a Tar Baby.  First, 
increasing power rates on Long Island will be popularly linked to 
Can you imagine your own electricity rates not going up for the next 
ten years?  Second, brownouts on Long Island or requests for decreased 
electricity consumption will be linked (rightfully) to Shoreham being 
closed.  Third, a possibly contracting economy on L.I.  Fourth, the 
cost and trouble of actually dismantling Shoreham.  Fifth, the cost 
and trouble of building replace-ment plants and power lines to bring 
in (reliable?) replacement power.  Sixth onward, things I haven't yet 
thought of.  Additionally, pro-nukes will be able  to use Shoreham as 
a Reductio ad Absurdum against the anti-nukes.  The bottom line is 
that the politicians are trying to throw away $5.3 billion plus all 
the ancillary costs mentioned above.
     The only way the anti-nukes can cut their losses is to let Shore-
ham open.  It may not be enough.
     (Now, you can tell me Dr. Beckmann; I won't tell anyone.  Pro-
mise.  Just between you and me.  Gov. Cuomo is one of your subscri-
bers, isn't he?  He decided that the only way to discredit the anti-
nukes was this scheme to ostensibly keep Shoreham from opening.  Well, 
you let him know that I think he's a genius.)
     The anti-nuclear movement in this country is finished, which is 
not surprising; it was bankrupt from the start.  People have generally 
been in favor of nuclear power almost all along and now more and more 
are waking up to the fact that they aren't afraid of it.  What chance 
does Sternass have against an air-conditioner you can't run on a 95 
degree summer day?  By the way, where are Sternass, Kaldicotte, Gof-
man, et al?  They went too far and turned themselves into hysterical 
anti-scientific caricatures.   Now the bozos are too afraid of Green-
house Effect and Acid Rain.  They can't deal with these without re-
sorting to a scientific rigor heretofore missing.  If they were to 
acquire said rigor to put themselves in the position of demonstrating 
that these factors weren't yet demonstrable enough to be arguments FOR 
nuclear power, how could they use that as an epistemological founda-
tion for arguing that we shouldn't have nuclear power?  Using the same 
rigor they can't continue to be anti-nukes.  To abandon it for their 
previous irrationality will make them look all the more irrational.  
Now their (slightly) less obnoxious brethren are crying "Greenhouse 
Effect" and destroy- ing the anti-nuke position.  This isn't pretty.
     Congratulations, to you and Samuel McCracken, et al. You've 
really made a difference.   All we have to do is keep beating the 
drums and driving the know-nothings out of the picture.  There's a lot 
of work to do and it won't be easy.  The country still needs a ratio-
nal energy policy and unfortunate-ly there is still so much irrational 
nonsense about.
                         * * * * *
     Bush can't win if he keeps trying to occupy a "center" just below 
Dukakis.  Practically everybody seems to think that Reagen's political 
success was due to his TV personality.  This means Dukakis will win 
because there are more Dems than Reps and are more expert at giving 
away other people's money-- or at least promising to do so.  

                          * * * * *
     Thanks for recommending HOOVER DAM.  I first saw the dam in '59 
and for me it's always been the greatest sight in the world.  Hogan's 
MINDS, MACHINES AND EVOLUTION is greatly educational and enjoyable.  I 
do think that he too vigorously separates science from deductive rea-
soning. [This only refers to one essay, "The Revealed Word of God," 
BG] It's a tool that might tell you where to look for something.  
Deductive reasoning, after all, is not a logical fallacy.

                          * * * * * 

     To further digress, I was interested in the Ayn Rand correspon-
dence section in Ft. Freedom.  While I largely broke free of her in 
'72, for reasons I won't go into here, I have to say that even when I 
was her fervent admirer I deeply regretted the lack of intellectual 
give and take.  She gave and she gave and she gave, but by middle age 
she was no longer renewing herself and she ended up with less and less 
to give.  She ran out of material, not brains.  She was much more a 
moralist than an intellectual.  I never liked Galt's speech.  Who was 
he talking to?  My parents?  The culture at large?  The fictional 
world of ATLAS SHRUGGED?  It wasn't me. I was only 19 and innocent of 
the crimes he was animadverting upon.  If you're going to use that 
tone with me, please have a reason, but I still had the chore of ex-
tracting the ideas. And I tend to prefer a friendlier narrative voice.
     In any case, I pretty much foresaw everything that subsequently 
happened to the Ayn Rand movement.  It's just a cult that gets smaller 
and smaller.
                    *     *     *
Brant Gaede

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