]]]]]]]]]]     A LETTER FROM MRS ROBERT A. HEINLEIN     [[[[[[[[[[[[[[ 

                                                         12 June 1988    
Dear Dr. Beckmann,

     Thank you for your note which came along with ACCESS TO ENERGY 
last month. I am Robert's widow, and along with him, I have been 
reading your paper.
     And I thank you for the notice of his death... he had been ill a 
long time with emphysema, but he still read his periodicals and mail 
up until January, when we found that his heart had been affected along 
with the emphysema. From there on, it was a losing battle. He was 
hospitalized five times, once to alleviate the symptoms of that 
emphysema, each time losing ground. Finally, five weeks ago today, he 
asked to rest, and when his nurse and I went to wake him, he'd gone 
     Letters have been pouring in from all around the world, grieving 
with me, and telling how influential his books had been in their 
lives. And telling little incidents in which he had been involved, 
some of which I knew about, others I didn't.
     He was a kind man, and he always tried to help others. We all 
miss him too.


Virginia Heinlein
Box 222278
Carmel, CA 93922

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