]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]     NO SHOREHAM TAX WRITE-OFF!       [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ 


Dear Dr B.:
[Referring to Rep. Lent's article on Shoreham, see :] 
     This is it. The anti-nukes have hit their high-water mark. The 
irrationality and insanity of closing Shoreham is going to blow up in 
their faces. I'm writing all my Congressmen et al. demanding the IRS 
not permit a tax write-off of a perfectly good plant and wait until 
the folks on Long Island find out first hand what it is not to have 
enough energy and to pay through the nose for what they do get. I hope 
you urge your readers to do what I'm doing so we can engage national 
protest against the write-off. 
                                                B.G., Park Ridge, N.J.

P.S. Is Mr. Lent a subscriber?

Dear Mr B.G.:
     I do so urge readers!      
     And space permitting, I hope to devote the August 88 editorial to 
the point. This is not simply a matter of finances, but above all one 
of self-responsibility. 
     It is, of course, unfair that the cost will not punish the real 
perpetrators of this insanity, Cuomo, Nadir, Brokaw, and the other 
politicians, social engineers and media moguls. And it is unfair to 
punish the many Long Islanders who opposed the deal and supported 
     But the alternative is vastly more unfair: that the cost of this 
insanity inflicted by the politicians of Suffolk County and New York 
State should be paid by the people of Wyoming (for example), and not 
by the people who were duped into electing them.
     As for Mr. Lent, he is not a subscriber. If he were, he would 
know that kilowatts are units of power, not energy (kilowatt-HOUR); 
but more important, he would know that in the non-financial aspect he 
discusses, it is not the curtailing of acid rain, but the risk reduc-
tion of a catastrophe via the oil farms on Long Island that make 
nuclear power preferable. 
                                   *  *  *

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