]]]]]]]]]     MURDER, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, AND FLYERS      [[[[[[[[[ 

[March 1988: I saved this one because of Amnesty International. Angela 
Davis, now a leader of the Communist Party USA, was accused (after 
jumping bail) of supplying a weapon with which her lover killed a 
judge while serving time in a California prison for another crime. As 
for the author of "Killing Our Own," his ghost is now employed as time 
keeper in the machine room of this Fort: he will introduce himself 
just before cutting you off if you exceed the time limit.]

Dear Dr Beckmann:                                     06/22/1983
     A few months ago I subscribed to your newsletter and have been 
enjoying it ever since. I now read the newspaper with a more en-
lightened and more critical viewpoint.
     I'm a student at California State University, Hayward (a very 
liberal school). It has a very left point of view. Our latest seminar 
was entitled "Killing Our Own," an antinuclear seminar. (Maybe you 
are familiar with the speaker, he wrote a book under the same title.) 
For "social awareness week" Angela Davis was the guest speaker. I 
would like the other side to be heard.
     If you have some flyers advertising your newsletter and books I 
would gladly tack them up all over my campus -- right along with the 
"Killing Our Own" poster. If you don't have a poster or flyer I could 
write up a little something on my word processor.
     I'm really excited about "Fort Freedom." As soon as I get my 
on a modem I'll be set (I'm writing this letter on a Morrow 
Design computer).
     Thank you very much for all your hard work!
Alamo, Calif.
                              * * *
Dear Mr. U.:
     Many thanks for your kind letter. Yes, I know "Killing Our Own" 
and the rest of the scare-mongering junk. There is a flood of this 
stuff, and I no longer give much space to refuting it. It feeds on 
itself, and once you have thrown up over one, you have thrown up over 
     And I know Angela Davis, too. Did you know that while she was in 
prison for having jumped bail, accused of being an accomplice to 
murder (her lover had murdered a judge in jail with her gun after she 
had visited him there), AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL considered her for 
possible qualification as a political prisoner and sent an observer to 
her trial? 
     Amnesty International's observer also covered the trial for his 
newspaper: The official party daily of the East German Soviet Colony, 
     As for flyers, I have them. I have one, "The Sober Facts About 
Nuclear War" (you can also download it from the athole), and the 
back of it gives details on the newsletter and Golem Press Books. 
Perhaps you can pin them up in pairs, displaying the front and back.
I am also sending you some other flyers for that purpose, and I am 
very grateful to you.
     That's the way! 
                                   *  *  *
[Addendum May 1988: the flyers are all but gone, but you can still 
download the text from the athole.]

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